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Friday, April 22, 2011

Kill of the Week: Deployment can

Speaking of PvPers being pack-rats, let's look at our Kill of the Week:

Say hello to your average NC Titan.  Again, I'm not going to debate the merits of a DC or lack of DC on an Avatar.  Don't care.  ;-)  And yes, a Titan of all things should have fitted T2 Trimarks.  It's an obvious miss.  Don't care about that, either.

What I do care about is the cargo hold, and what was in it, and where this kill happened.

Here's a video of the kill:

PvPers are pack-rats, as I mentioned in my last blog post.  And when you capture big piles of loot, you tend to carry it around with you on deployments, so that you can fit it to PvP ships if you get one of yours blown up, someone lends you one that is improperly fit, or so forth.  Pretty much every PvPer in a large corp has a Giant Secure Container tagged as a "deployment can" with these spare mods.  You move your deployment can in when the war starts, and when it ends, you move it back out again.

The war between the NC and DRF/NC./Ev0ke/PL/et. al. is in Geminate, which means most of the NC corps that have deployed have done so to Vale of the Silent, where this kill happened.  I haven't had much to say about this war because I've only been peripherally involved.  Russians (and hell, even their U.S. renters, a lot of times) are long asleep by the time I can even log into the game, so I haven't had the opportunity to be on any ops out there.  But the momentum is swaying back and forth, as additional reinforcements for both sides deploy into the combat zone.

Kalorn from PL wrote a short BR of this Titan kill.  Propaganda aside, was this particular Titan deploying in, or out?  Couldn't tell you.  Still, one of the comments on the KB sums it up best:
Another NC Jump Freighter down
Oh wai~
In other news, having your capital ship inside a POS whose password is public is a bad idea.  Hell, having your sub-cap there is increasingly becoming a bad idea.  The KOTW this week was almost a Guardian that PL managed to bump out of a POS's shields, despite the fact that the Guardian (a ludicrously small target to bump) was orbiting the POS!

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