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Friday, April 15, 2011

Kill of the Week: Presumed innocent

Kill of the Week this week is just fun:

For those not keeping up on the latest 0.0 news, the DRF has again hired Pandemic Legion to go after the Northern Coalation, this time in Geminate rather than Pure Blind and Venal.  Reports say the deal was worth 600 billion ISK to PL.  Guess the Russians are quite happy with all the new high-end sites the recent 0.0 nerf gave them.  They're again losing renters from the lower-value constellations, but the one thing that EVE history shows is that there's generally no lack of people willing to rent 0.0 space.  So I suspect those lost renters will be replaced and the DRF will come out ahead.

Anyway, if you've looked at the kill, you might be surprised to find that it's a PL pilot killing a DRF pilot.  fpshacker, the offending PL pilot, is quite a good solo and small-gang PvP pilot, in a variety of small ship types.  He hardly ever joins large gangs, and never flies Abaddons, Zealots or Guardians.  He joined Pandemic Legion about eight months ago, but that didn't seem to stop him all that much from one of his favorite past-times: solo-ing Russians.

And apparently forgot that doing so while you've been hired by those very same Russians is a bad idea.  ;-)

All kinds of comedy kicked off from there:
  • First, everyone seems to know, understand, and accept that Aleks Koko, the Russian pilot whose ship was destroyed, was botting.  That wasn't the first Domi Navy Issue that Aleks lost this week.  It wasn't even the first DNI that he lost this week, in R3P0-Z.  His own allies and corp-mates don't bother denying that he was botting.  Everyone knows it: he was botting.  As far as I can tell, you can travel to R3P0-Z right now if you wish and find him in there still at it.  If he was banned even for 24 hours, nobody seems to know or care.
  • Second, PL not only kicked fpshacker out, they declared him an awoxer!  For the record, you're an awoxer when you shoot blues.  Shadoo's post on kugu around this is quite amusing.  Not only does he lead the awoxer charge, but he goes on to casually state that there's no reason to get excited about botters because "I've yet to see an alliance in EVE without some".  Hee!  OK, Shadoo, thanks for the info.  Follow-up question: I assume that includes PL?  ;-)
  • Third and finally, the DRF responded to the the attack on Aleks by temporarily resetting standings with PL!  This, briefly, made PL and the DRF kill-on-sight to each other.  So, not only is the DRF defending the botter, they're willing to risk open hostilities with PL to prevent further attacks on their botters.
So, unless I'm missing something, that -- effectively -- openly makes botting and defending botting a DRF position.  And Pandemic Legion is openly defending that position through their own statements and actions.

I've already chosen my Quote of the Week for next week, but if I hadn't, this would be it:
Now that we killed all those former Atlas block alliances, the Russians and their renter alliances moved in. Detroid, Insmother, SP and Cache are macro havens. Thats (sic) all that is out there. You could fly through in pod and never see anything but macros.
That's fpshacker, stating a truth that everyone connected to EVE -- except the devs -- seems to realize.  "SP" is Scalding Pass, my old stomping grounds.

Here's the EVE News 24 coverage of the issue.

So... yeah.  This week's KOTW wasn't hard to pick at all.  ;-)


  1. I don't know about Detroid/SP/Cache. But I live in insmother. Only the Russians Macro out of Insmother. The other alliances, be they pets or renters, make isk the hard way (or if they are smart and wake up and do the initial work, the VERY easy way).

    Our alliance used to make isk ratting in insmother. Now we just make isk producing POS fuel through PI.

    It's one of the reasons we're about the ONLY alliance still buying pvp ships and mods at the same rates as pre-nerf.

  2. Whats really strange is, why not kill NC bots?
    there is litterly twice as many bots in NC space then any other region, and PL has a contract on NC, the whole thing is rediculus, it's like he was trying to be kicked out.


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