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Friday, April 29, 2011

Kill of the Week: The world's worst cologne

This week's Kill of the Week is an entire battle:

Goonswarm found itself in an interesting political predicament this week.  The NC is hard-pressed in its battle in Vale of the Silent by the DRF and their allies, notably Pandemic Legion.  Those that see "the NC" as a monolithic entity that includes Goonswarm would no doubt find ways to ignore the fact that Goonswarm has been staying out of the fight to date, despite not being deployed elsewhere.  However, getting directly involved in the war would put the Goons in the position of fighting either the DRF or PL directly, and both have been traditional allies or friends of the Goons in the past.

As a result, while Stainwagon and their allies have been hitting the southern Drone Russian infrastructure in the back, Goonswarm also decided to attack DRF infrastructure by invading Cobalt Edge and taking on DRF pet Intrepid Crossing.  It's a clever move, politically, because it keeps Goons out of direct confrontation with the Russians and it puts them up against IRC, which like the Goons have a traditionally strong US timezone presence.

The battle that I linked was one of the opening salvos of this campaign, and was a more or less traditional shield BC roam into IRC territory.  The system where the battle took place, VY-866, is the gateway to IRC holdings in Cobalt Edge.  I happened to hear about it because one of the people involved was a former member of my corp.  Remember how I mentioned that a member of my corp quit because he was planning on joining an alliance that held "better space"?  Yeah.  Few alliances hold better space than Goonswarm.

The battle itself is interesting because the FC ran into this large IRC fleet as they were entering Cobalt Edge, and avoided the camp because it was too many ships to comfortably take on in a shield BC fleet.  However, IRC has regional intel channels every bit as good as any other large sov-holding alliance, and that intel channel was able to clear systems ahead of the roaming Goonswarm gang.  Instead of engaging it deep within their own space, IRC seems to have called everyone in nearby systems to join the blob and keep the Goon gang from escaping.  As a result, this relatively large Goonswarm fleet roamed throughout CE without getting any kills.

And instead of logging off and waiting for part of the IRC gang at their exit gate to disperse, the Goon FC seems to have decided "what the hell?" and Leroy'ed the fleet right through the IRC camp to get some kills, which by that time included two triage carriers.

A lot of FCs, when denied kills, will become more and more frustrated to the point where they will do just about anything -- even something silly -- to ensure that the gang comes home with at least a few kills.

As the movie Singles correctly points out, desperation is the world's worst cologne.  ;-)

Postscript: the Goons returned to Cobalt Edge the next evening and did a bit better.

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  1. As far as DRF vs. NC war is concerned IRC is irrelevant, IRC has what 1500 pilot?, half or more of which are alts i'm sure, and is makeing Goons irrelevant b/c Mittens wants to play both sides, it's funny... when he was about to make that announcement I was expecting to actually be deployed in a way that we would/could effect the outcome of this war, but we are now just enforcing the idea that our leadership is to pussy to take a side.

    Don't get it twisted, Goons isn't invading CE, this is a token gesture to the NC, we have no itention of hold sov. in CE, I for one won't be deploying out there, I have no problem flying out here in a HAC gang, but anything bigger is a waste of time, b/c lets face The Mittens still hasn't picked a side, and i'm not wasting my time on this token gesture to the NC.


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