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Monday, April 4, 2011

Negative waves, man

Both Seleene and The Mittani have written new blog posts regarding their impressions of Fanfest 2011 as attendees.  They read remarkably similarly in tone.  Here's a quote from Seleene's, about the EVE Forever video:
No doubt about it - this is an :awesome: vid, even if it is about two games that don't exist yet and probably never will.
Emphasis mine.  Wow.  Just... wow.  Keep in mind as you read the rest that it represents the views of someone who is likely the second or third most positive member of CSM6 about CCP:

At the other end of the scale (the scale between "negative" and "really, really negative"?) are The Mittani's notes, which are more focused on the round-tables.  He acknowledges that one session with CCP devs was productive, but points at "frankly alarming social naivet√©", "technobabble", and a lack of dev knowledge of the game that is "disturbing" from the others:

Did I say the May 2011 Summit minutes are going to be very interesting?  I might have underestimated.  ;-)  CSM6 takes office in 48 hours or so.

Going to be a busy day on the blog today.  The 4Q 2010 QEN finally came out this morning, there will be a Quote of the Week that's probably going to raise some hackles, and I have some thoughts I want to share about the size of EVE's player base.  There's also a post from the weekend, "Tapestry", that you might find interesting if you haven't seen it.  So, check back often today.


  1. I've replied to your comment on my blog and I hope it clarifies my thought processes a bit.

    Mittens and I certainly have different approaches to things but the fact that we reached similar conclusions should only emphasize the fact that we're determined to make a difference. Bear in mind - you're talking about a couple people that ran for CSM primarily because they were tired of some of the exact things I wrote about in that blog entry.

    I have a lot of faith in CCP to push as hard as they can to do as many things as they THINK they can; my concern is what will happen when the reality of their over reach whiplashes back. I've seen this both as a player and a dev happen several times.

    My next blog will be a look back at my CSM 6 run and talk about plans for how CSM 6 might be different in terms of how we coordinate things with each other and interact with the rest of the players as a whole. You'll probably see my 'sunny side' come out a bit more there. :)

  2. Also, Kelly's Heroes is an awesome movie.

  3. I'll grant you all of that. I just don't want the new player to be lost in the CSM6 shuffle... particularly the new player that might be excited about Incarna, DUST, or both.

    During one of the CSM summits last year, for one session, CCP asked the CSM to divide themselves into two groups: one group that was interested in "end-game" concerns and one that was interested in "new player" concerns. I'd be hard-pressed to find a CSM6 member that could fit themselves into the latter mindset.

    But consider the bigger issue: EVE, as a spaceship game alone, has apparently hit some kind of upper limit of players. Do you disagree?

  4. Yeah, Goons have nothing to do with newbies at all. Nor does TEST.

    You sure know a lot about CSM6! Keep that astute commentary coming~

  5. LOL! Nice. You just literally said, "No, I'm not a doctor, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night." ;-) When's the last time YOU worked with a newbie, as opposed to "Goons" or "TEST"?


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