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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Planetary distraction

To follow up on my PI posts from the other day, I finally got a set-up together that doesn't seem too fail:
  • Planet 1 (Gas): ECUs/BIFs/AIFs producing 10/hour of Coolant.
  • Planet 2 (Barren): ECUs/BIFs/AIFs producing 10/hour of Mech Parts.
  • Planet 3 (Barren): ECUs/BIFs/AIFs producing 10/hour of Mech Parts.  These get routed to...
  • Planet 4 (Lava): ECUs/BIFs/AIFs producing 10/hour of Consumer Electronics.  These plus the Mech Parts from planet three go into an AIF producing 3/hour of Robotics.
  • Planet 5 (Plasma): ECUs/BIFs/AIFs producing 10/hour of Enriched Uranium.
All Command Centers are upgraded four levels (don't have the skill for five), and all of them are at 98% or more grid.  I'm continuing to use 23 hour cycles by default, shifting to faster cycles on those occasions when I have the time to micro-manage it a little.

I still say whomever came up with the user interface needs to be taken outside and have the fail beaten out of him.  :-P  It's bad.  Comically bad.  Epically, heroically bad.  It's like someone specifically set out to design the least intuitive, least friendly interface possible.  And I'm told that the interface for POS reactions is worse.  I've never done POS alchemy, but I can't even imagine.

Happily, I didn't have to rebuild as much of my initial matrix as I was afraid I would.  It's not optimal in terms of power use, but it's low-maintenance and low logistics for the month or so that I'm going to let it run.  Once I primed the pump on planet 4 with a big cache of starter Mech Parts, I shouldn't have to visit the planets in person more than three times all month.  As output product gets produced, looks like I can remotely boost it into space to the customs office and forget about it until I'm ready to pick it up.  I'm finding I can get 10k-12k raw materials/hour in high-sec, which gets routed to 4 BIFs, then to 2 AIFs.  Downside is that in high-sec, 12k appears to be the reasonable maximum for production off one planet.  Hopefully, my system will work even better when I move it to 0.0.

So, overall: 10 EU/hour, 3 Robotics/hour, 10 Coolant/hour, 10 Mech Parts/hour.  280 million a month * about 80-85% efficiency expected = 224-238 million/month if I kept this system running as it is now, if my math is accurate.

I'm no longer producing every type of POS fuel, though.  No Oxygen.  Couldn't fit one more ECU and BIF to fit on the Gas planet, and still have sufficient heads to pull the raw materials for the Coolant.  I can make it work on a 0.0 planet on SiSi, but the extraction rate on high-sec planets is just too poor.

I'll have more to say about it in a day or two, but I'm coming to a realization that the best players in EVE aren't living in 0.0.


  1. I'm pretty sure you have to be in space, uncloaked, and in the same system as the planets where are using the launchpad to import/export stuff. That's gonna throw a pretty big kink in your plan of managing those planets 3 times a month.

    I don't know what level of raw materials you're able to extract in high sec, but in 0.0 you can expect roughly 200 units/hour per extractor head per cycle (that's what the extractor cycle setup will say). Low sec is roughly 100-120 for me. I haven't tried new PI in wormholes either, but I imagine that would be the best what with such little resource extraction on those planets typically.

  2. Correct, they live in Jita and cast aspersions on the working poor

  3. Stuff only stays in the orbital customs office for 2 days iirc as well.

  4. @Truen1ight: yep, that's accurate. Have to be somewhere in space in the target system to launch to the customs office. The extractors in high-sec are showing anywhere from 40-75.

    @Barloch: ::grins::

    @Kirith Kodachi: Really! I'll definitely have to test that.

  5. @Kirith: That's only for cans launched from the Command center. Stuff launched from a launchpad stays in the customs office forever (think miniscule station)

  6. Not sure about cans launched from the command center, but items can be stored in the customs office essentially forever. Even if you delete your entire colony and decommission the command center, anything you store in the customs office will not be deleted. I do recall reading that the customs office eventually despawns if there are no colonies on a planet, but not sure if it will despawn if there are items stored in it. You do have to be in space in the same system as the planet in order to import or export from it.

    10k units per hour sounds about right. I've never tried to set up PI operations in high-sec, but can get around 50k units of P0 (raw materials) per hour on a good nullsec planet using a 24-hour program. However, depletion does become an issue relatively quickly when using a 24-hour cycle, so in the long run it may be more efficient to use 2-day or even 3-day cycles.

  7. You may notice that your output will drop in about a week due to resource extraction vs. replenish rates. Not sure how noticable it will be in Hi-Sec since the output is lower to begin with. But in 0.0 I noticed ~20% drop in extraction if I didn't relocate my ECU to another spot on the planet.

  8. I could pull 400M /month in 0.0 if I were doing it purely for the isk.

    throw in an additional 5 planets (I have a total of 10 running, soon to be 25) and it would actually climb to close to 1B/month as I would be able to plug some bottlenecks and increase my time/efficiency. With 25 planets I expect to finally start to see a decrease in efficiency (be it ever so slight). But our alliance will never have a shortage of Robotics, ever again.


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