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Monday, April 18, 2011

Quote of the Week: Show me on the doll

Some context for this quote is in order.  Over the weekend, some alliance-mates and I were chit-chatting about various aspects of the game.  Someone brought up faction warfare, and asked if anyone knew what it was about and how it worked.  I've done a bit of FW, so I explained how it worked for a minute or so, going into some of the good (LP for PvP!) and the bad (pretty much everything else!).  I gave my opinion that FW was a good idea, but riddled by sloppy execution and lack of iteration.  Then, I finished up by saying "like so many other parts of the game, CCP released it with great fanfare, and hasn't touched it since."

To which one of my alliance-mates replied...
No, they just touch all the things that people like, and make them worse.
...a comment that got a lot of laughs.  ;-)  The comment was flippant and off-hand, but the more I think about it, the more I think there's a lot of truth to it.  Other than rockets, can anyone remember any existing in-game feature that CCP has buffed since the release of Dominion 1.1 in January 2010?  Ratting space is worse, sleepers are much tougher, mission loot got the crap nerfed out of it, drone alloys were savaged... I can't think of anything that's been buffed.  Of course, the Noctis and PI have both been introduced in the last 18 months, but those were new features, not existing ones.

There were a lot of buffs to existing in-game features in Dominion 1.1... but I think the devs would like to have some of those undone.  ;-)

Anyone think of an in-game buff since January 2010 that I'm forgetting?  Or has every major change CCP has made to existing in-game mechanics been negative since that time?


  1. CCP also adjusted Blaster ammo at the same time as rockets, on topic first.

    It's interesting to have that perspective, where a "buff" or a "nerf" is so clear cut. Perhaps a less aggressive or argumentative word is "adjustment" - whether it impacts you negatively or not, a change may be a legitimate rebalance of a feature that may have been too far one direction.

    And don't forget that Supercarriers didn't happen right away in January - they were delayed a while (I want to say May) and that could be considered a "buff" (or is it a nerf to nullsec?).

  2. I think I can explain this in a form of circular logic (the sort that seems de rigeur in their neck of the woods)
    1) If it isn't broke, don't mess with it.
    2) If it is broke, and people continue to buy it, rake in the cash.
    3) If people continue to fork over the cash, (ominous pause) is it really even broke in the first place? (cue "ooohhh"s and "waaaooooww man"s)

    That's one of those sorts of discussions best had over a toke of your favorite illicit substance, but it seems to be the sort of logic that they're operating on.
    Who cares if you bitch, cry, stew, moan, complain, etc....you're still paying for it, so it can't be THAT bad?

    Sadly it seems they've gone "Amero" and embraced the Culture of Mediocrity... "We'll provide the barest-bones bottom-barrel service that you'll still actually pay for." >:-D

  3. You bring up the sleeper neut nerf as something horrible.

    I've been in wormholes for a very long time, and live in a c5-c5. Previous to the neut nerf I was able to solo c5's, and bring in 200mil/h, sometimes more if the anomalies were good.

    I have to argue, that that neut nerf was a very well done job by ccp to actually balance out the way PVE was done in wh's, by getting back to basics making people go back to doing them with a few friends. The neut nerf makes soloing higher class wormholes damn near impossible, but small RR gangs have been completely unaffected. So, theres an example of a well placed nerf that didn't ruin life in eve.

  4. @lazydane -- herein lies the problem. CCP says they want more "player interaction" -- they don't want you soloing high level plexes, missions, WHs, etc. You should need corpmates, friends in-game to help you to accomplish those things, that's their stated viewpoint.

    But then people "skirt" that "intended game design mechanic" by means of off-grid boosting alts, RR alts, etc... still not truly accomplishing their stated endgoal of "more people (as in actual players, not a guy running 3 clients on a shit-hot multi-monitor system) working together."
    However, because people will PAY (keyword there) more for alt accounts (why this is, I have no fucking clue -- financially I can NOT see myself paying for 2 or 3 accounts just so I can run missions faster, or have an off-grid booster or RR advantage for PvP), well, CCP just rakes in the dough. After all, 3 accounts is 3 accounts, right? Whether it's you and 2 buddies or you, yourself, and Irene, money is money.

    So from their point of view, which is purely fiscal -- they have shown no interest whatsoever in the actual "story" of the EVE Universe beyond putting it on the players to create "nullsec drama" and "hisec griefing" -- it's to their advantage to nerf, nerf nerf, and nerf some more, to force you to get with buddies or (more likely) pay up for an alt account to be your booster/RR.

    BioWare made a vague reference to maybe someday doing an MMO in the Mass Effect universe -- if they did, I'd be gone in a picosecond, and not look back.

    One year old and I've already attained "bittervet" mentality. Probably a new record. lol


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