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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Reciprocity (look it up)

I'll make this quick.

Other than Goonswarm, who are the biggest, most frequent, most successful invaders of other people's space in the history of EVE Online?

That'd be the DRF: the Drone Russian Federation.  There are very few regions of EVE Online that the DRF hasn't tried invading, and they've succeeded in a lot of them.  They hold -- far and away -- the biggest piece of the EVE pie.  Sure, the NC looks big, particularly if you add Goons and Test, but that's because the NC/CF holds regions which are wide-open areas of empty space with very few systems in them.

I mean, have a look!  The Russians hold space in 17 regions, from Geminate in the far north to Feythabolis in the far south.  And most of those regions are very tightly packed with systems.  Virtually every one of those regions, they took by force from someone else, almost always using their vast bankroll to hire Pandemic Legion or some other alliance to help.  Other than wormhole space, those systems have the lowest population density in EVE Online.  They're not bothering to exploit what they've already taken.  At this point, the DRF is invading people for the sheer joy of invading people.  Given the number of times Russia itself has been invaded in its history, the irony here is palpable.

In the last three years, meanwhile, the NC has launched one aggressive invasion that I know of, against these very same Russians.

And yet the NC are the assholes of EVE.

Yeah, yeah, carebear-stagnation-LOLfit-blob-lag-blah-blah-blah.  Save it.  ;-)  If you're fighting the NC, you're almost certainly coming into NC space to do it.  Hate to break it to you, but that doesn't make the NC the asshole here.  ;-)

Nobody ever seems to remember afterward when the Russians invade and conquer someone new.  I guess you don't remember unless it happens to you.  I myself have been on the receiving end of two DRF invasions... three if you count the current Geminate campaign.  So when some FHC posters began raging over Stainwagon's opening attacks on PL and DRF interests, I had to have myself a good laugh.  "Why are you helping the NC?!?!" some of the more amusing posts in this thread are basically saying.  Because obviously, the only reason to attack the DRF is to help the NC.  Obviously.  Obviously, the DRF has done nothing to warrant such an invasion.  :eyeroll:  A good post from a guy with a decent memory summed it up admirably in a mere 25 words or so:
The NC did not attack-A- and ROL a year ago, not to mention hiring PL and enlisting the Initiative in their efforts now did they? *Boggle*
Yes.  This.

What was the line in the EVE Forever video: "Your choice... always comes back around."?  Something like that?  Yeah.  It's nice to see on the rare occasion when it actually does.

Godspeed, Stainwagon.


  1. My corp is joining the NC in a few weeks, but before then: noob question. If DRF took a quick trip down south, would the NC press its advantage and take back space? I hear different things from different forums, ranging from "NC hasn't started trying yet" to "NC is about to failscade from fatigue." Thoughts from the pro?

  2. I'm not a pro, not on this subject. I don't think anyone is right now. Either of those two quotes could be the true one.

  3. From a Industrial & PVP corp in a pet alliance of the DRF, with director roles and political insight:

    I don't know if the NC are ready to failscade. I have no knowledge of the HC stress or morale of the average grunt.

    I do know that we've been running daily raids on industrial lines, ratting space and mining space, disrupting their industrial base, for the last 3 months.

    I do know that we've been producing capital ships (Dreads/Carriers) for the last three months and selling them consistently to SLORDR
    (Solar Legion of Red Death Raiden) for typically between 2-5% less than market, and that they are in turn taking these capital ships, breaking them down and reproducing them into supercaps, at an unbelievable rate.

    The only way the NC could break SLORDR would be to break the industrial pet alliance base that is housed deep in drone regions. They've tried. But SLORDR recognizes this, and as soon as it's reported that there are more than 30-40 reds in a region, I start seeing SLORDR home defence capital ship pilots logging on and popping up in a few specific systems that are within jump range of key industrial systems and those reds high-tail it out of the regions.

    I won't name names or systems/regions. Smart people can figure that out on their own with a cloki.

    All told, this is something that's been planned out months in advance with pet alliances being asked to do very specific things. The whole thing is just extremely well organized.

  4. And that's the comment of the week.

  5. Which set of alliances are you referring to when you write 'DRF'. Just want to make sure we're on the same page ;)

    1. This piece is from 2011, mate. ;-) At the time this was written, the core of the DRF was Red Alliance and their allies.

    2. Oh, and obviously Goons have taken the title in the 2.5 years since.


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