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Friday, April 15, 2011

So, I tried to learn PI tonight

It did not go well.

Whoever thought up and designed PI should be burned alive over a slow fire.

This is the least fun I've ever had in a so-called "game", ever.  Who thought this feature was a good idea?  I quite literally have a splitting headache from trying to learn this stuff.  And if the woman in the tutorial videos says "To do this, all you have to do is simply..." one more time, I'm going to hunt her down, kill her, and eat her.


I don't think I'm a dumb person, and yet it took me almost three hours to figure out how to mine noble gas and route it... and I'm still pretty sure I did it wrong.  I ended up decommissioning the whole mess and wasting several million ISK, and those are hours of my life I'm not getting back.

Is there, or is there not, a simple, step-by-step guide to how to do PI without having to give myself a splitting headache trying to fit myself into the brain of an Icelandic logistics wonk?

P.S. Jester does not advocate the burning alive of human beings, nor does he condone cannibalism.

P.P.S. Unless the people involved really deserve it.


  1. Dude...

    It's not that hard. The hard part is working out volumes, and how much of each you need to get an efficient chain going.

    Place command centre.

    Scan planet and place Extractor Control Unit on good spot. Position extractor heads on the red and/or white bits and start an extraction cycle.

    Place spaceport. Create link between spaceport and Extractor Control Unit. Route output from ECU to spaceport. If you get an error telling you you need to upgrade your link, click on the link and upgrade it. You may need to upgrade the link a couple of times depending on ECU output. You are now producing p0 materials. You don't want p0 though, you want at least p1.

    So now, build a basic factory. Choose the appropriate blueprint to convert your p0 to p1.

    Route the p0 materials from your spaceport to the factory. Route the p1 mats back to the spaceport.

    You are now producing p1 mats. If you have a look at the units your factory turns out per 15m cycle, and the amount your extractor head outputs every 15 minutes, you'll be able to work out how many factories you need to keep up.

  2. Try this, it really helps and is a cool site....

  3. Isn't that StevieSG doing the voice over?

  4. I think it's fair to say that PI is not for everyone in Eve.

    Setting up PI can be a bit of a trial, and you will make a few mistakes on the way. However, once you've got you're networks setup then they more or less look after themselves.

    As a source if semi passive income I think they are great. It's a shame the price of PI materials has tanked.

  5. http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/w/index.php?title=Planetary_Interaction may help.

    Personally, I've never been able to get into either...

  6. PI is not for everyone, and in terms of complexity is probably a step below moon goo reacting if you want to produce anything more than the P1 materials. It requires quite a bit of planning for more complex commodities, and does take a bit of time to figure out. On the bright side, there are several nice guides, such as the one on the EVE Uni Wiki. I have not watched the video tutorial; being fairly slow I usually need to read something a few times to understand it. Took me a few tries and about 20mil to sort everything out, but it paid for itself in about a week.

    Once you find a good planet on which to extract your P0 materials and process them into P1, drop down your command center and forget about it after upgrading it as far as you can. Now find a good hotspot, or better yet a good cluster of hotspots. Drop an ECU so that its zone of control extends over as many hotspots as possible; drop a launchpad nearby; create a link between them; click 'submit' on the planetary sidebar on the left.

    Go to the ECU; drop as many extractors as you have hotspots within range; select 'survey;' pick the P0 you want to extract; move one or more extractors to each hotspot in range; set program length to whatever you want (24 hours is usually good to start with); DO NOT click 'install program'.

    Look at the hourly output in the bottom-right corner of the survey window; for every 6000 units of hourly output, you want one basic processor. Put the necessary number of basic processors next to the launchpad. If you do not have sufficient powergrid to set up enough processors, decommission some extractors. Leave some powergrid in reserve in case you need to upgrade links or move the ECU. Create a link between each processor and the launchpad; click 'submit.'

    Now go to each processor, install the appropriate P1 schematic, and route the output to the launchpad. Click 'submit.' Go to the ECU, make sure everything is set up properly, including program length, and select 'install program.' Click 'submit.' This will start the extractor cycle.

    Go to the ECU, and route the output to the launchpad. If the link cannot handle the output, upgrade the link between the ECU and the launchpad until it's big enough. A level 3 link should be more than sufficient in most cases. Click 'submit.'

    Go to the launchpad, and look at the routes. You should see a bunch of routes to the launchpad from the processors, and one route from the ECU to the processor bringing in some large amount of P0. Click on that route, select 'create new route,' and create a route to a processor. Do this for every processor. Note that you must click on the P0 coming in from the ECU to create a route to the processor. Click 'submit.'

    Your colony should now be fully functional. Don't worry about the P0 that starts piling up in your launchpad. By the end of the program all of that P0 should be consumed by the processors. It's very difficult to fill up the launchpad with P0 unless you severely underestimate the extractor output or do not properly set up the routes.

    Feel free to convo Alice Katsuko in game if you'd like to give PI another shot. It's a nice source of passive income.


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