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Friday, May 20, 2011

Cleared for departure

I'm still logging into EVE occasionally, by the way.  That has to do with the mechanics of unsubscribing.

With a lot of subscription services, when you cancel your subscription (something I did in EVE almost two weeks ago), you can request a pro-rated refund of the remaining dollar value of your subscription.  Not so in EVE, where unsubscribing simply prevents CCP from taking any more money from you.  Your account goes into a "canceled" status, but continues to be active in all other respects until the final date of your subscription arrives.

I have four EVE accounts, three that were on subscriptions paid for by credit card.  The last was created back in late October with the "Power of Two" promotion, which is a one-time $50 fee for six months of play time on an additional account, with no subscription required.  I bought that last account with an eight-month toon training plan in mind, so I purchased two PLEXes for that account.  As a result, it will currently unsub in late June.  The subscriptions for Ripard and another of my mains run out in late August and late July, respectively.  As for my last main, in a moment of patriotic EVE fervor, I set my subscription length to that account to one year in March 2011, which means that it will be an active account until March 2012.

Since I have to keep Ripard's training plan going until late August, I'm going to buy one PLEX for the other main account and keep that training plan going as well.  Because of the vagaries of what I'm trying to get done, and the various distribution of my toons across my four accounts, I might even end up buying one or two more PLEXes for my Power of Two account as well.  To pay for the PLEXes, I'm keeping my manufacturing and trading chain going for another month or so.  This also gives me time to finish blueprint research runs I have going on a couple of high-sec POSs and to shut down and un-anchor those POSes when that's done.

As a result, I'm still logging in every day or two to update prices, skill training, PI, and research jobs.  I'm even undocking every couple of days to move materials around, but only in cloaky haulers.  But I haven't undocked in a combat ship since moving my last stuff out of 0.0 a couple of weeks ago, and I haven't fired a gun in anger in almost a month.  So, I wouldn't say I'm still playing EVE, but I'm still logging in occasionally.  ;-)

As a result of that, I'm still keeping track of EVE developments, and will probably even still have a couple of things to say about them...


  1. To be fair, I don't know of any online game that does refunds. You pay for the subscription, you get it. You stop playing earlier, they consider it your loss. And with EVE, at least you can train until the subscription lapses.

  2. I haven't fired a gun in over 2 months, not even at a rat, and still consider myself playing EVE full time. Hauling, order updates, watching markets....you're still playing eve all right. Just with a view to quit.

    And you'll be back in a year or two. That's the problem with this game: it's a bad penny.

  3. You can do better than train UNTIL the sub lapses. You can keep right on training whatever is in your queue while you aren't subbed.

  4. I havent actually played the game in over 4 months now, logging on only to change skills.

    I still follow the blog pack and only found your blog about a month ago.

    You still play eve Jester, just in a brand new way.


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