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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hey kids, what time is it?

Clear Skies 3 is finally out!

If you haven't already, go download yourself a copy.  The movie, like its two predecessors, is a triumph of CGI film-making.  The developers have out-done themselves in virtually every respect.  The great thing about this one is that it intentionally broadens the audience.  Once the back-story was explained, even someone who doesn't play EVE would have a pretty easy time following the plot.  Spoilers follow, and you should not read the rest of this blog post until you've watched the movie.

Seen it?  OK.

The movie isn't without its flaws, of course.  The Half Life-based characters are showing their age, and the limited number of facial models means there's quite a lot of repetition of those faces from previous movies in new roles.  And the developers clearly all but gave up on in-game footage, instead relying on CCP's internal tools to generate much of the space action, and make that action much more exciting and dynamic than actual EVE combat.  Story-wise, there are several sequences that are either too drawn-out or entirely unnecessary, notably just about everything to do with the Jovians.

However, all of these are nits.  As I said, the movie is a triumph.  It sets the bar for any future EVE movies almost ludicrously high.  ;-)  It also features a brilliant pair of memes that are sure to permanently enter the EVE lexicon.  One of the two is the answer to the the question posed by this post title.

Still, the funny thing about CS3 is that it also unintentionally reflects a lot of EVE's current problems in microcosm.  The first Clear Skies was book-ended by a pair of fights between single battleships taking several minutes each.  CS2 ended with a large fight between fleets, again taking several minutes.  In that one, a super-capital ship -- a Titan -- was the cause of all the movie's problems.

In CS3, though, a Titan and an associated super-capital and capital fleet are the solution to all problems, and the sub-caps -- even including Clear Skies herself -- are relegated to secondary roles, where they aren't entirely disposable or even irrelevant.  Many ships, up to and including a battleship and a carrier are shown being one-shotted.  Later, Clear Skies is shown running through the enemy fleet at high speed... right past a Minmatar webbing cruiser.  Is the cruiser told to tackle the annoying battleship?  No.  Instead, the real danger to Clear Skies are carrier fighters.  Later still, an ancillary character reports "two more ships" have been destroyed, when many more ships than that have been shown exploding.  The character of course means that two more capital ships have been destroyed... the only ones that matter.

And of course, the deus ex machina super-capital and capital fleet that solves all the movie's problems is brought in with a cyno lit by a single stealth bomber.

When a character from CS2 (then in a Rokh) is shown in CS3 commanding a Wyvern, I had to laugh a little bit.  "Congratulations," I literally said to the screen.  "Passed 60 million skill points, have you?"

Even in Clear Skies, EVE has become "Super-caps Online"...  ;-)


  1. ok, so I got the 'what time is it' meme. Which one did I miss? :)

  2. It's Hot Drop o'clock!

  3. Trust in the rust?

  4. Personally I wish 'Bring everything - Sahza's angry.' would become the third meme, but that's probably to plain.


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