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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Quiet Men

I haven't seen any of the EVE blogs I follow mention this, so I will: with remarkably little fanfare, CSM6 are in the midst of their first trip to Iceland.

A month ago, I was predicting that this Summit would be characterized by fireworks.  After seeing Mittens's apologias toward CCP on the various forums, I withdraw that prediction.  Playing nice with CCP is a really good move, and is likely to help with CSM's access to key CCP personnel, and heal some of the damage from CSM5's Open Letter.  Still, it's surprising to me how little publicity or build-up around this there's been.  CCP hasn't said a word, and Mittens hasn't said a word.  In fact, only one CSM member is blogging or posting about it at all: Trebor.

He's made three blog posts so far:
Day 0: Quest for bacon
Day 1: Let them eat cake
Day 2: Dreaming about quality assurance

EDIT (21/May/2011): And here's Day 3: Girls play EVE

Enjoy.  One thing to watch for: will there be a dedicated Incarna session?

Incidentally, I posted in several places -- here, FHC, the EVE-O forums -- that I suspected that thanks to their frequent discussions on Skype, this CSM would have almost no formal meetings, and the minutes for the meetings they did have would make for less-than-compelling reading.  With that in mind, I present to you the minutes of the first (and only, so far) CSM6 formal meeting.  ;-)

They didn't even formally vote on their officer selections, as far as I can tell, the one and only thing that was actually required to get done in this meeting.


  1. I would like to see you continue to post regularly, like FOTW. You have an interesting and engaging style and as a new player I have found your posts to be very informative.

    I appreciate that you are winding down. Ideally I would like to see you change your mind, but if not, to perhaps finish off with some topics like the Solo L4 Missioning, Part 3, using range (0.5-30km) in a fight, ship speed and damage and flying techniques, approach to fitting ships for different situations (solo, gang, fleet, PvE,,,), avoiding gate camps, solo PvP tactics...

    I admit my motives are selfish but I was so pleased to find your blog (I have read them all now, even your CSM6 ones!) and now only a few weeks later so disappointed that you are finishing. Whatever you end up deciding and doing I hope you find the fun and enjoyment again :-)

  2. I totally agree with Starwalker. Yours is one of the best Eve blogs around; it is a shame that you feel a need to step away from updating it!

  3. We had multiple sessions that related to Incarna, including NPE issues, the Virtual Goods store, Economics discussions, and more. It is a significant investment for CCP, and the business reality is that the more successful it is, the more resources become available for both Incarna and Flying-in-Space development.

    Seleene will start blogging his impressions next week, and I'm sure the others will chime in. We are going to work to get out the minutes ASAP.

    As for formal meetings, we do a lot of communicating on Skype, and quite frankly there have been no serious internal disagreements. So any formal meetings will likely just ratify the consensus reached there and on discussions in the internal forums.

    CSM procedures are evolving to reflect the transition of the CSM to a more high-level general focus, and so far the changes have been positive ones.

    PS: final day mini-report is available now: http://treborofthecsm.blogspot.com/2011/05/csm-summit-day-3-girls-play-eve.html

    -- Trebor

  4. Thanks for the update, Trebor!

    I was curious if there'd be a dedicated Incarna session with long-term game-plans and such from the Incarna team. Even if the discussion were under NDA, the fact that it took place would be good to know. The Incarna team's now had nine months since their frank admission that they didn't have any game-play planned yet.

    With re: CSM meetings. Yeah, specifically, I posted that the minutes of the formal meetings were likely to read like "Everyone vote on the thing we discussed on Skype on Saturday. OK. Everyone vote on the thing we discussed on Skype on Tuesday. OK. Meeting adjourned." ;-)

    It just disconnects the CSM from the player-base a little (a lot, really). That's something that the fireside chats should correct, if they're frequent enough.


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