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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Comment of the Week: Player intolerance

Snipped and edited from a comment mordis mydaddy left on my post regarding World of Warcraft earlier today:
I had fun in WoW until the "endgame" required specific equipment and scripted moves to be successful, and more importantly, the people become intolerant of anyone without them.

I will note that of the 15 or so people that I introduced to both games, all of them found WoW fun and subscribed for years. None of them liked EVE past one day. I played EVE for the trial and left for several years before I tried it again. I felt the biggest problem with EVE was that the player intolerance comes at the BEGINNING, whereas it comes at the END in WoW.
Ain't that the damn truth?  It's another reason I won't be subscribing to Perpetuum, because it's the same thing there: player intolerance of other player's weaknesses right from day one.

Well put, mordis.

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  1. TBh I had a lot of help in my noob corp from day one and try to help out the new guys I come across in terms of ship fitting, strategies, etc. Its not the games fault, its the PLAYERS fault.

    Could also be that WOW is a lot simpler, a little more scripted, and has some younger players (tmk)


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