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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lazy song

CCP has no shortage of troubles these days: DUST's PS3 exclusivity, the DDoS attack, the Aurum for Scorpions debacle, the $99 commercial license of shame, the fact that Incarna will have a "turn it off!" button... and all of these just in the last week!  It caused a buddy of mine to ask me yesterday if I was happy that I didn't get a seat on the CSM after all.  That was an easy question to answer.  ;-)

I'm also a bit curious if Trebor is unhappy that he did win.  ;-)  Back in March, I posted that I suspected Mittens would offer to make Trebor the CSM's Secretary, and opined that Trebor would be wise to say "thanks, no."  The reason was that I suspected that if Trebor took the position, he'd be expected to do much or all of the real work of the CSM.  Mittens did indeed offer, and Trebor accepted.

Welcome to 90 days later, and almost a month after the first CSM Summit.  There were 19 Summit topics.  A week ago, it was mentioned in a few places that 13 of the 19 topics had minutes written for them, and that Trebor had written seven of those 13.  Trebor also commended two step, an alternate member of the CSM, for writing minutes of two more sessions... even though two step was not even in Iceland!  It's now a week later, and Mittens has tweeted that three more topics are written, with three more to go.  (In other news, I really need to adjust who I'm following on Twitter.)  That means that it's likely that the May Summit minutes won't be approved and published until July.

Trebor could maybe hand off some of the writing work to the Vice Secretary... except that the CSM didn't pick a Vice Secretary and made a big joke about how useless the position was.  I suspect Trebor isn't laughing at this joke any more.  ;-)  For reference, CSM5 generated approved, published minutes for their Summits in about two weeks, except for the Summit that took place right before Christmas last year, in which case it took them three.

Other than the Summit, CSM6 has had one official meeting (with two topics) and one fireside chat, six weeks ago.  And that, so far as I can tell, has been the sum total of CSM6's work in their first quarter in office.

You know, you'd think someone who was a) a lawyer and used to dealing with paperwork and procedure, and b) retired, would have more time to devote to this stuff.  ;-)

So yeah, in retrospect, not sad at all that I missed out on all that extra work I'd be doing.

EDIT (16/Jun/2011): Trebor's usually pretty diplomatic.  He must be annoyed, because he flatly stated who is and is not helping with this effort in a posting on FHC.  For the record:
Delivered: Trebor 7, Mittens 4, Vile Rat 2, Two Step 2
Assigned but not delivered: Elise Randolph 3, Killer2 1, Diagoras 1
 Feel free to use this information for your CSM7 voting needs.


  1. It does put a few things in interesting perspectives doesn't it =P

    We're getting to a point, where the question does arise whether the chairman is merely posturing in his absence of interaction and insight, or whether it is a signal of something deeper. And quite frankly, more worrying.

    I am not getting the impression that the timeline seems much of an issue. Perhaps it is not even considered as one - which I can understand, seeing that from within the trench on the detail level is understandable not easy.

    Question is, with such pressing issues on the table, and a visible progression of CCP along their roadmap (which neither equals nor runs in parallel to that of CSM) with visible (consistant) screwups by CCP that could easily have been avoided .. where specifically is the bottleneck here. And is that one accepted, or one unaware of, or maybe a little of both.

  2. Technetium is a lot of work.

  3. Trust me, I'm having fun, and don't regret getting re-elected. And it would have been even more fun if you'd gotten a slot, Jester.

  4. Although the CSM is still ahead of the deadline given, I am deeply apologetic that we're running a few days behind the pace set by CSM 5 on getting these minutes out to you. Unfortunately it seems as though actually playing Eve does have its drawbacks.

    Elise Randolph
    CSM 6's favorite loser

  5. @Elise: Unfortunately, I'm not particularly sympathetic to "but I have to play EVE" as an excuse. You ran for CSM. You knew this would (should) have an impact on your play-time if you won. Simple as that...

    @Trebor: good enough, glad you're still enjoying it. Still, I think you should go ahead and find a Vice Secretary now... you know... considering. ;-)


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