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Monday, June 20, 2011

Microcosm = a really small troll?

Oh, and you might ask me: did I hear about the final for Alliance Tournament IX?  The answer: yes, I did.

And it was a perfect little trolling meta-game microcosm of EVE itself.

A simultaneous bravo and raspberry to all concerned.

And that's all I have to say about that.  </gump>

Postscript: about a minute after I posted this, I read the following on FHC which sums up my opinion better than I did:
Don't see what all the hurf durf is about. Finals was rigged, welcome to EVE. Game is about shooting people in space, scamming, trolling, "for-the-lulz", corp thefts, power-bloc backstabs and causing tears. The fact that it was broadcast this time makes no difference.

If anything, this just made the alliance tournament a more realistic advertisement for EVE.
Yes.  This.

Postscript 2: Duncan Tanner from Hydra has written up AT9 from Hydra and Outbreak's perspective.  It's an incredibly interesting read, but hugely technical.  You are warned.


  1. I agree that the result of the Finals was the embodiment of Eve. After reading Duncan's post, I just thought to myself, "And this is why Eve is better than any other MMO. Ever."

    However, I do think the way the final match was fought was against the spirit of the Alliance Tournament. Was there something inherently wrong with arranging Outbreak. and Hydra into opposite sides of the bracket? Of course not, that is clever spaceships. Moreover, each of those teams proved that they were excellent Tournament PvP'ers. I believe they erred in staging the final round. As we learned, Outbreak. and Hydra are the same thing, so the nominal winner shouldn't have mattered. Why not give the audience a show of 1337 PvP at its best?

  2. FYI, the new FHC link to Duncan Tanner's writeup is: http://failheap-challenge.com/showthread.php?2237-Alliance-Tournament-9-The-Hydra-and-0utbreak-Perspective

    Very interesting read. The planning and dedication involved...


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