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Monday, June 13, 2011

Quote of the Week: Comic illogic

This is too awesome not to share, so I'm briefly resurrecting the Quote of the Week.  From a discussion of DUST 514 taking place on Failheap (sic throughout):
I don't want dust on the pc. If you have time for gaming you should be logging into eve and unlocking for pew pew. Not blue balling and switching to your dusty and having fun there. If you don't want to fight, then you should not be enjoying any aspect of gaming that involves eve.

Also PI should not be allowed if your docked, cloaked or inside a POS shield. Because I know you like lines and dots. And in case CQ has any ounce of fun, it too should not be accessible unless your undocked, uncloaked and outside a POS shield.
The quote is courtesy of Marlona Sky.  At first, I thought the post was a joke, but he doubled down on it when questioned by other forum members.  Marlona is a fountain of comic illogic on his best day, but this quote might just take some sort of prize.  He spent months railing against the NC on FHC.  His argument seemed to have something to do with the fact that since the NC's way of having fun in EVE was different from his, they deserved to be destroyed.

Now that the NC has been destroyed, he seems to have found a new windmill to tilt at.  God forbid that anyone have fun in anything connected to EVE in any way that is different from his way of having fun, LOL...


  1. This guy makes me want to start an in-station-only, post-Incarna, nullsec, roleplay alliance.

    Which is an idea that gives me an almost immediate headache, so... no.

    But still, he makes me WANT to.

  2. Doyce, I think Siigari Katiwa will beat you to achieving that goal.

    As for Marconus Orion/Marlona Sky/whichever-alt-isn't-banned-this-week, I wonder if it realises that you have to be uncloaked to (a) launch stuff or move stuff to customs office and (b) pick stuff up from can or customs office. Plenty of opportunity there for the pirates.


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