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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Skill points and markets

Check this out:
Use skill points earned as you play (and even when you’re offline) to train skills that improve your battlefield effectiveness; make you proficient in the use of specialized gear; or enhance your ability to modify and upgrade existing gear.
It's right off the about page of the DUST 514 website.  It also seems to confirm two things:
  1. DUST will be using an EVE-based skill points model, meaning that initially you're going to have access to lighter weapons, armor, few or no vehicles, et cetera, and will build the skills up over time to use better equipment; and,
  2. you presumably won't be able to rearrange those skill point choices once you make them.
Both of these are hugely interesting choices.  Will a single PS3 account be able to set up multiple DUST accounts?  Or if you start specializing in explosives, do you have to wait for long skill trains to be over before starting that same character down the path of sniping?  In EVE, the vast majority of players start multiple accounts, specializing each one in different aspects of the game.  Will DUST allow for this?

From the same page:
ISK earned in battle can be spent on the primary market to stock up on the latest items – weapons, turrets, equipment, armor, and modules – or search for bargains on the secondary player-driven market.
There's that expression "player-driven" that I was looking for.  That would seem to mean that DUST is going to have a market very similar to Global Agenda.  In that game, you primarily buy your items from merchants.  But there is both an auction house and a secondary trade channel that you can use to trade money for character-owned items.  On that market in GA, there are upper limits for a dye, for instance, because if the price gets too close to that upper limit, the player can simply buy the same item from a merchant.  It would seem that DUST will operate using a similar economic model, at least initially.

Anyway, just a couple of early catches from the DUST website.

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  1. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/06/08/interview-ccp-on-dust-514-and-eve/

    Here is another interview for ya'. Sadly, it looks like DUST is gonna be tied in with Sov. I called this immediately after the announcement. I don't think it will be 100% essential to Sov (ie. DRF DUSTers could take down NC if NC had no DUST presence), but I think CCP will incentive us to get involved. It will probably be related to iHUB upgrades.

    Two more things:

    1. In this interview, I believe they talk about PvE content taking place in hi-sec and lo-sec. 1337 PvP, as always, will occur in 0.0.

    2. Since we'll be using the same economy (meaning that Eve players produce and sell stuff to DUST players), I think DUST will be quite a mineral/ISK sink for the economy. It's too far off to help the current state of the Eve economy, but I think in the long-term it will be good.


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