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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bloodthirsty ally to the Quote of the Week

An amusing line from a chat between Garst Tyrell, leader of Merciless. alliance, and another alliance leader looking for blue standing:
[ 2011.07.07 23:26:04 ] Garst Tyrell > eve is inactive right now, my guys are bloodthirsty and killing the nc has removed pretty much all of the energy from the area.
The "area" in question is Venal, specifically Guristas NPC 0.0 between H-PA29 and 6NJ8-V (usually called "GNJ" thanks to EVE's truly bad in-game font).  These systems lie between Tenal and Tribute and have therefore been a traditional staging point for attacking the NC from NPC space.  Merciless. has been living there for about a year now, not only taking advantage of the fact that they were athwart the NC's supply line, but using their supercaps and roaming fleets to harass the residents of Pure Blind.  Guess they're gonna have to move again.

Who knew that killing the goose that laid the golden eggs would result in no more golden eggs?

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