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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Comment of the Week: Chain reaction

One or two anonymous posters pointed me at another Perpetuum Online anti-blob mechanic that is, if possible, even more awesome than the mechanic I talked about the other day.

Not only does standing too close to another robot increase your targeting time against your enemies, but if that robot gets blown up, it has a "death AoE" attack that will damage or even destroy other robots nearby!  At first, I thought this might be a joke or a troll, but it's real enough.  This mechanic only operates on Beta (PvP) ground.  Here's a video of it in action, a chain reaction that seems to take out five friendly Arkhes at once... and here's someone on Failheap explaining some of the mechanics.

This rocks so much.  :-)

It also opens some interesting new mechanics, such as intentional suicide bombing.

I can't see it working in EVE, though.  Destiny (the app module in EVE that, as I understand it, handles "commitments" such as what to do when a ship gets blown up) is badly overloaded already and wouldn't be able to handle multiple AoE attacks in close proximity, particularly if those multiple AoE attacks could cause chain reactions.  EVE has a hard enough time when a small squad of bombers does its thing.

Still, it's another great innovation to Perpetuum.  Love it!  It's not enough to keep me subscribed, though.

Thanks to both anonymous commenters!

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  1. I recall talk of fleet formations being introduced to EvE at some point but nother further was heard.

    Wonder if this would impact or reward spreading out in some way.


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