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Friday, July 29, 2011

Comment of the Week: Fun and rewarding

From the EN24 posting of "Canary in the coal mine", a comment from Bitter Newb that really drives to the heart of the issue:
"Relevant" , "important", and "matter" are a funny terms to describe Eve alliances. To most, they mean "capable of affecting the 0.0 landscape." The thing is, who really cares about affecting nullsec politics and sov? Mostly it's a few egoist empire builders and the rest are carebears. PVPers are just along for the ride because they feel they have to blob to be successful.

Alliances like Merciless don't really care about being relevant; they really do just want the cliche'd "good fights". I think Jester mentioned Merciless because they are one of the few new alliances in this category that have had some success. Previously extant ones include Rooks & Kings, Black Legion, Darkside, Agony, C02, Hydra Reloaded, etc. Just because these alliances aren't building pixel empires doesn't mean they are shit. It means they want to have fun flying their internet spaceships instead of dealing with sov and politics.

These alliances have discovered something that most nullsec residents don't realize: you don't have to blob to be successful or have fun. It's more rewarding to be good at what you do, to fight outnumbered, to innovate tactics, to bond with a smaller group, etc. I would much rather watch a RNK video, or see Hydra in the Alliance Tournament, or read a Merciless battle report, than click refresh on the influence map and read troll posts about which corp jumped from one blobby alliance to another so they could PVE in peace.
Yes, this.  EVE is supposed to be fun, remember?

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  1. To me, it's like Tennis. I enjoy playing it, but I find it the most boring thing in the world to watch.

    I have no interest in reading the post action reports of small/medium sized alliances with no investment in politics and space. The pilots are having fun, but they're not risking anything of note either. It's like reading about a Team Fortress Match, interesting only to those who were involved

    Give me politics, real loss, angst, tears, victory, all of the stuff that comes with sov warfare, and I'll soak it up. To me, that stuff is the story of EVE, and it's a spectator sport I really enjoy.

    I've done the nullsec thing, and turned my back on it. I live in WHs these days, and find WH PvP to be the most fun I've had in EVE. Yet I'm not terribly interested in reading about other WH PvP alliances and their battle reports that don't affect me or help shape the EVE universe


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