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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crowdsourcing choices

Epileptic Rift, Poetic Stanziel, and Rhavas have all listed the items they voted for in Trebor's CSM Crowdsourcing activities.  It's a great idea, so here are the choices I made and why.  If you care to vote, you do it on the EVE Online forums.

I chose to vote for 10 items, giving each two points.  I decided against down-voting any of the proposals, though I came pretty close on one of them.

1. AFK/Busy/Available Indicator.  There's nothing more annoying in an alliance than to see 50 people docked when a home defense op is called and wonder why only 10 X up for the fleet.  This one is long overdue.

8. Assault Frigate 4th Bonus.  Please, for the love of God, fix assault frigs.  These things could be so awesome and would go a long way toward spreading cheap PvP.  But as a class, I'll bet they're the third least-used ships after EAFs and Black Ops.  Yet, every PvP pilot has the skills for them.  I would totally settle for just the AB boost that was proposed oh-those-many-moons ago.

12. Balance self-destruction.  Self-destruction should generate a kill-mail crediting anyone who was shooting at the ship in the last minute,  and should drop loot like any other destroyed ship.  It's really just that simple.  Still, this is my least-important vote.

15. Boost Nighthawk.  It's the only field command ship that sucks.  Even the Astarte is better, and that's saying something.  More than this, though, there should be more T2 battle cruisers, because BCs rock.  Yet more PvP opportunity.

27. Corporation Bookmarks.  Why are we even talking about this?  Fucking make this happen, CCP.  The crap that corps, particularly WH corps, have to go through to get standardized bookmarks to their members is stupid.  My most important vote.

31. Destroyer Improvements.
  Sensing a pattern?  EVE desperately, desperately needs more ship balancing.  I've written at length about this before.

41. Factional Warfare - Lack of Development Part 2.  Remember that iteration thing that Seleene was gonna push as part of the CSM?  Start from here, please.  FW and low-sec in general needs some love.  My second-most important vote.

56. Improve Overload User Interface.  Gods, yes.  I am filled with so much hate for those tiny, tiny, tiny buttons.

74. Modifiable corporation orders.  Those of you who grok this know what I mean, and why I voted for this.  Those who don't will never get it.

84. Personal wallet divisions.  Gosh, wouldn't it be nice if you were immune to scamming yourself thanks to EVE's crappy market interface sometimes managing to take money away from you?  This is the very smallest thing that personal wallet divisions would fix.

Runners up: 28. Coporation and Alliance tool overhaul: not chosen because it only affects a small number of people, but yes, it'd be nice.  3. Character Switching Without Logoff: yeah, this is annoying.  -143. War-dec mechanics: note the minus!  If I were gonna vote one of the current proposals down, this would be the one.  80. Neutral Orcas in high-sec wars: that said, this isn't cool.  35. Drone improvements: it'd be cool if there was a viable 4th type of combat, and it'd be a functional Gallente buff, both of which I approve of.  140. Unnerf the bio length: I feel like this one is inevitable.

A surprising number of the items on the list have already been implemented, leading one to believe that CCP actually reads this list from time to time.  ;-)  So go ahead and vote!


  1. I've always seen self-destruct as a means to thumb your nose at the guys trying to blow you up. Why would it drop loot when the purpose of self-destructing is to blow everything up?

    On the other hand, self-destruct should take a variable amount of time based on ship size. Thus a frigate might self-destruct in 30 seconds, a super carrier or titan should take tens of minutes.

    Not only that, I feel the time from disconnect to ship disappearing from space should be proportional to ship size too, say about twice as long as the self destruct timer.

    Apart from that little gripe, I'm pretty much in agreement with you about priorities.

  2. All of these points were reasons which lead me to my long-term break. I've dealt with #1 much too often for my tastes, and I totally agree with more AF and BC love.


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