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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Don't say anything at all

Serpentine Logic has posted a fantastic follow-up to my earlier post briefly pointing to the Mostly Harmless situation.

Very funny, very much worth your time.  Check it out.

Now that I'm no longer blue to NC and unlikely to be so in the future...  Well, let's put it this way.  Many of the EVE players in the former NC are great guys, decent EVE players, and great to hang around with.  But a lot more of them...

...no.  On second thought, I'm not gonna talk about former "allies."  Just go ahead and read Serpentine's post, then ask yourself what kind of person would have let lord 2evil back into Mostly Harmless.  My mom taught me if you can't say something nice...


  1. Ugghh... I am scared to admit it, but I am in Mostly Harmless. From a grunt's perspective, we are all super confused by what is going on. Other than a few vague forum posts about "trust" and some smiley-enhanced tl;dr's by our resident troll, we have not heard very much on the situation.

    Much like CCP, it seems that the MH leadership is having communications problems. Many of us found all of our information on the scandal from external sources, such as EN24 and the blog post you linked. Sadly, the crisis seems not to have stopped anything. We're moving to Curse, but the only directions we've been given are: "Here's a jump route for JC4 pilots. Gogogo."

    It seems that we are, after all, mostly harmless. (And we've mostly lost over 1,000 members in the past month. Ouch.)

  2. Sorry to hear that, Stevie. :-/ It's definitely not a very pretty situation. Was the 190 bil theft reported on MH internal forums?

  3. Corp CEOs may have known before it was public; MH rank and file weren't officially told until days after the story broke.

  4. Yeah, I was in the midst of that kind of situation when Gentlemen's Club folded. Same kind of thing, except without the theft. It's not a pretty situation, and I feel really bad for the rank-and-file members that are caught up in it. I just don't understand why they would have let lord 2evil back in.

    As I said, a lot of people in the former NC are really good people, but others...


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