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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Irony, like gold-y or bronze-y, except with iron

So, the latest State of the Goon speech is public.

It's a good speech: short, to the point, reasonably witty.  It's also self-congratulatory, but Mittens wouldn't be Mittens if he wasn't self-congratulatory.  It's his defining personal characteristic.  The speech covers the situation GS finds itself in: the NCdot/Raiden/Ev0ke/PL blob, having slowly pushed east to west throughout the entire northern half of the 0.0 map, is going for the hat trick by finishing the job in Pure Blind and Deklein.  And why not?  There really isn't much else for them to do.  Presumably, if they succeed in Dek, they'll turn south and head for Cloud Ring and Fountain next.

Still, there's an amusing bit where Mittens belittles his enemies by stating that they've become what they hated.  They attacked the NC, in public because the NC were horrible blue-setting, blobbing, stagnant, lag-fest combatants that used weight of numbers instead of skill.  Yep.  That's all true.  And it's true enough that's what's happened to NCdot/Raiden/Ev0ke/PL as well.  So Mittens riffs on this theme for a while, how ironic it is that this "new northern coalition" has become what they hated.

But... isn't becoming what you hate sort of the definition of success in New Eden?

Let's look at another EVE entity.  One that...
  • is huge,
  • lives in a single and most distant region in EVE space,
  • (which is the richest part of EVE space),
  • and comes out only occasionally to terrorize the local populace,
  • using tactics that were great a couple of years ago but which are now probably out-dated,
  • but otherwise sits back and congratulates themselves on their past accomplishments, and
  • all the great things they've done for the game,
  • creating terrific propaganda,
  • while they surround themselves by a small number of pets,
  • which they have a cute nickname for,
  • all while glorifying a single semi-charismatic Internet spaceship nerd.

Does this remind anyone of anyone we know... ummm... knew?


  1. Being primarily industrial, I should be glad that the DRF is just a few pesky alliances away from controlling all the space and resources in 0.0 of any worth. I could join them. All of the alliances under DRF are begging for members to fill in their new space. Dotlan shows hundreds of their systems without a single jump in days, several dozen with no jumps in over a month.

    Whatever you feel about the Goons or the defunct NC, it was more interesting than what is trying to take their place. To me, it feels more detrimental to the game than anything CCP has or hasn't done. As much as I hate the thought of gamebreaking microtransactions, I would pay real money for a special ship that could stop DRF and its vassal/pets/minion/mercenaries from taking any more space and resources. For now, we only have TEST/Goons and AAA to stop them.

    Thank God for the Goons!

  2. @mordis: That's the thing, though. The DRF isn't the one attacking the Goons. They're not even the ones occupying most of the north. Hell, once Geminate was cleared, they barely got involved in the attack on the rest of the NC at all. The DRF are just the beneficiaries.

  3. Because I understand you are biased against the old NC and Goons, I understand your choice of semantics. You used DRF interchangbly with DRF/PL/RAIDENDOT/NCDOT or DRF and Friends before, and now the PLRAIDENCDOT are not associated with DRF. Got it.

    Just for clarity, please swap out wherever I said "DRF" aka "The coalition that shall not be named" to "The big mass of blue + EVOKE that now inhabits Branch, Tenal, Tribute, Vale of the Silent, Geminate, Kelvala Expanse, Malpais, Etherium Reach, Perrigon Falls, Oasa, The Spire, Cobalt Edge, Outer Passage, Cache, Insmother, Scalding Pass, Wicked Creek, Detorid, Curse and Immensea (Part) that is fighting AAA in the South and GSF in the Northwest."

    As a former player, you may not care. The whole gist of my statement was I don't want a single group, no matter how loosely associated, to have unlimited power in nullsec. I have no issue with "The coalition which shall not be named," even going so far as to research out a nice vacant drone system to take. However, their continued aggression and desire to pay to blue up more and more nullsec corps has me fleeting up with the Goons to keep "The coalition which shall not be named" from taking more space.

  4. Yep, but that was pretty early in the fighting. A lot of people, including myself, thought the DRF was a lot more involved in the NC war than they were. Then someone looked into it and found that -- once Geminate was captured -- for every hundred super-caps in that war, the DRF was flying fewer than five of them.

    Now that their west border is secure in Geminate, I don't think the DRF has any interest at all in what's going on further west than that.

    For reference, Gem is one of only three regions outside the drone regions within cap ship jump range of the drone regions. And it's the only one that wasn't under DRF control when this year started.


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