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Friday, July 29, 2011

Passive income

Just a quickie.

Riverini from EVE News 24 made me a syndication offer for posts on my blog, which I've accepted.  He'll be syndicating four posts a month, likely concentrating on my null-sec musings (since that's EN24's focus).  So, from time to time, you might see EN24 commenters here or I might respond to comments that are posted there, here.  ;-)

The first post chosen was my musing yesterday on the future of EVE's small-gang PvP alliances.

For those who want to yell "sell-out", sure: guilty.  I like ISK as much as the next guy.  ;-)  I will say in my defense that I told Riverini right up front that while I think EN24's the most successful EVE news site out there right now, I also said:
You run a good site. A little biased sometimes, but there isn't an EVE news site that isn't.
It's kind of an interesting question: could there ever be such a thing as an unbiased EVE news organization?  And no, ISD isn't it.  They're just as biased.  Their bias just happens to be "show EVE in a dramatic light."


  1. Well, it's a damn sight easier than ratting considering you'd be writing the articles anyways, and more ISK is always better for being able to play. Congrats man!

  2. I've been getting my Providence updates on there, and it's cool to have a bunch more people reading your stuff. Riv is slow to pay, though; I'm owed 100 million and have gotten no monies yet. :(

    Keep up the good posting!

  3. More people reading a well thought out intelligent posts.

    Want to call you a sell out but fail to see how more people reading your blog could be bad...if anything it is good and i hope CCP reads it.


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