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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Preach, brother!

Every MMO player should watch this video from Extra Credits at The Escapist:

It covers sane micro-transactions strategies, given that MT is going to be a fixture of games -- and particularly MMOs -- in the future.  CCP is mentioned, and addressed, directly.

The part of this video from 5:23 to 6:19 is why you're probably never going to see a World of Tanks entry on this blog, BTW.


  1. I enjoyed watching the video and even agree with most of the things said. Especially the point where balance was addressed *cough* gold ammo *cough* :D
    Does anybody know yet why the monocle and stuffz is that high priced? Like a real reason, not this "Noble = Noble = exorbitant pricing" crap.
    But one thing bothers me:
    You can't say that one should build MT right from the beginning of developing a MMO into the game, and then point your finger at CCP. Time machine anyone? Or did I get something wrong due to English not being my native tongue?

  2. The only thing that CCP has said about the various prices for NeX goods is that they wanted a "tiered" pricing strategy, with three tiers: cheap, affordable, and status symbol.

    The details are here:

    I'll have something to say about this devblog today.

    And the section about building MT in from the start of the design process was part of the video relating to how MT should be done in the future. I didn't take that part as anything pointed at CCP.

  3. At around the 6 minute mark is where I think that Eve is heading next: Selling skill points. It's not game breaking since you can buy a character, and I know a lot of peeps (myself included) who would pay to get through some of the longer skills faster.

    When CCP announced that they were going to give us skill points for an extended server downtime (a totally BS reason*) I made a few predictions; the first was that they would remove the Learning Section, and the other was that they'd start selling skill points. The first has already happened.

    *It's not possible that they gave us SP on a Tuesday for an outage that occurred the previous Thursday -no one implements a new feature that fast. They had the capability ready to go and used the server outage as an excuse to test it, and the code monkeys spent the time to add SP to a character because CCP planned to monetize it...

  4. Well, to be fair, CCP has been saying for quite a while that they wanted to do away with Learning skills. It was part of their NPE presentation at Fanfest 2009, for instance. But they had to do it in such a way as to not incite player rage over the lost weeks of training time. Returning the SP was the option least likely to incite that rage. So that feature's been a long time in development.

    That doesn't mean I think you're wrong, though. ;-)


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