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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quote of the Week: The logs show nothing

OK, finished my first read of the EVE Online CSM May Summit Minutes (and amusingly, my prediction that it wouldn't come out until July turned out to be accurate...).  Lots and lots of interesting stuff packed into its 42 pages.  I'll likely have five or six blog posts to write about it, but I'll start with my single favorite quote:
No talk about the value of space could be complete without discussing the anomaly nerf. The CSM brought up a potential problem with the distribution rate of Havens and Sanctums which sent Greyscale and Soundwave running to their charts to make sure everything was going as planned. While nothing could be gleaned from the charts, CCP did say that they would look into the problem and fix it if one existed.
Great, thanks guys.  That's very reassuring.  NOT.  Is "nothing could be gleaned from the charts" anything like "the logs show nothing"?

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  1. The problem with "charts" is that they tend to show aggregate data. Thus for example a slight difference between this −0.8 system and that −0.8 system in the same region could lead to this −0.8 system spawning more sanctums than average, while that −0.8 system (having a −0.9 system next door) spawns less than average because it's limited by the constellation average.

    Charts tend to show averages and distributions. The kinds of "charts" that would be useful in determining problems with anomaly spawning would be heat maps. The art of infographics at work.


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