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Thursday, July 28, 2011


"Reinforced" is a state that an EVE Online POS can get into if it comes under attack.  If you understand how this mechanic works, you can skip the next paragraph and rejoin me with the third.

When a player-owned station first comes under attack, the attackers can continue damaging it until it takes a single point of armor damage.  This happens at about 25% shields.  At that point, the POS stops consuming its regular POS fuel and begins consuming an alternative fuel (in a second bay) with the ridiculously over-complicated name Strontium Clathrates.  "Stront" is consumed by the hour at a rate depending on the size, quality, and location of the tower.  During this time, the tower is invulnerable.  It can't be destroyed, but it can't be repaired either.  Once there isn't enough stront to fuel the tower for a full hour, the tower "comes out of reinforced" and only then may it either be repaired or can be destroyed the rest of the way, depending.

Reinforcing a tower, therefore, puts it at a tipping point.  The critical battle for a tower doesn't take place when it's being reinforced.  The critical battle takes place when the tower comes out of reinforced.  Both the attackers and the defenders gather, and that's when the fate of that tower is decided: will it be repaired or will it be destroyed?

I'm going to say something that I think a lot of EVE players subconsciously realize, but nobody's put into words yet:

EVE Online is a tower that has been reinforced.

We're approaching the tipping point.  The battle for this game's future will happen very soon, and either the game will be repaired, or it will be destroyed.

Just in the last 120 days, we've had drama after drama, most thanks to CCP:
  • the Sanctum/Haven nerf;
  • the new forums debacle;
  • Alliance Tournament IX final match;
  • :$99: "Commercial licenses";
  • Incarna over-utilizing and overheating graphics cards;
  • the Incarna "off button" and "show them the door" meme;
  • Monocles, and the "space-barbies" meme;
  • Gordon Gecko;
  • Scorpions for Aurum; and,
  • the Jita riots (related to the three above).

And that's just what I can think of off the top of my head.  There's probably more that I'm forgetting.  CCP can't seem to stop the flood.  It's gotten to the point that when they speculate about making changes to Local in the CSM May Summit, they have to make sure to insert a bolded, italicized, underlined disclaimer in the minutes to make it clear that they're speculating!  (It's on page 7 of the minutes.)

Even more than that, though, there's very good reason to be distressed about the directions that they're developing the game in, and the impact that it's having on the player base.  The "Curves" post from a week or so ago is far and away the most visited post I've ever made on this blog; more than 2500 people have read it.  And that curve is worrisome as hell.  I used to have a good number of RL friends playing EVE.  The last one quit a couple of weeks ago because he's tired of sov warfare and wasn't impressed by the Incarna expansion.

When I posted that I myself was going to quit EVE and maybe come back to it in a couple of years to see how things had developed, that showed rather a lot of confidence on my part that there would be an EVE Online in two years to come back to.  I'm starting to worry that this might not be the case.

EVE dying is not something I want to have happen.  At the end of the day, I've got a lot of fond memories of this game, and I enjoy a lot of aspects of it.  It's clear to me now that if I want there to be an EVE to come back to, and I want that EVE to again resemble the game I loved, then sitting out the fight when EVE comes out of reinforced is not an option.  As I've said before, it's hard to influence an environment from the outside.

So, consider me resubbed, and X'ing up for the fight to come.

P.S. Dumbest reason for resubbing ever, I'll bet.  ;-)  -J
P.P.S. I suppose this means I'll need to find a corp.  -J


  1. Re: corp - I would love to fly,with you. We're moving down near provi to fly around with cva and friends without getting bogged in sov crap,again.

    I think youwould fit in with us. :-)

  2. Jester, come join us down in Omist for giant blob 3.0!

    Seriously, null sec corp, relaxed RL comes first policy, quite a few EU and West Coast guys.

    Contact Allianc in game for the full speil

  3. Ah, Riptard. It will be nice to man the halyards on the sinking ship with someone I don't know but respect. I too, am keeping at least two of my accounts active for the coming storm.

  4. Senex would love to see you back bro.


  5. Yeah ! Go Jester ! You may not know it but with this blog you have influence over where EVe is going.

  6. Now I know who Gordon Gecko is :)

    I still have hope although Incarna will probably go into EVE history as the worst expansion EVER.

  7. Hoist the sails!

    Although I fear the perfect storm :(

  8. So very happy to hear you're back in the game for realz. I love this blog and I hope to see it (and Eve!!) continue far into the future. Hopefully you're still considering another CSM run? You'd get my vote.

  9. Sg is still around and kicking but.

    Also forgot the cancelation of the Econ reports.

    EvE is hurting and needs some in sapce content that is fun. 4;s are no fun, sanc's are no fun, blobs are not much fun, Sov is a grind.

    PvE...need intresting combat that is accessable on short notice. Sancha help but need something entry level as well that is small group based(2-10) that is lower SP friendly and really easy to get(not 40 jumps away)...using sleeper ai for missions may help.

    PvP need good fights...a faction warfare update would go a long way towards this for entry level players.

    A lot needs to be doen as players a getting tired of the same old, same old. EvE is a sandbox but you still need to provide the shovel and bucket for us to play with. a fancier bucket helps keep the sand box fun.

    EvE is still the best MMO out though and nothing is slated to even come close. Once you have played on a single shard world where what you do matters going to other games where your achievments mean nothing is just not as fun.

  10. It's hard to get excited about anything in EvE or coming down the pipe for EvE.

    Inarna does not make the game more fun. There are also no updates I am looking forward to. No rumors of anything nearly as awesome as wormholes coming to the game or that would change my day to day game play in any way. Nothing new to update the stagnant world of EvE.

  11. Nothing makes me facepalm more than watching short-sighted fools who 'quit' or 'leave' and then come back a short time later when nothing has changed.

    If you're one of those ADD kids on ritalin who knows he can't make a commitment and stick to it, don't make the commitment in the first place.

    Nothing undermines the protest more or strengthens CCP's resolve more than folks like you.

  12. wow to the post above. I happy you have decided to stick it out. I played SWG back in the day and when the changed the mechanics it soured the game. The only thing that stayed the same was the space part of the game. I came back to it after 2 years to try it out again to see how it was doing. i played for 9 months a spy and enjoyed it, but the lack of populations or friendly grouping made it difficult. At the same time the new SW game was announced. I saw the writing on the wall SWG was dated and tired. Guess what game i tried next ;). I with you i would like to see where this ships sails no matter what. Maynn of RL o7.

  13. Hey Ripard... just read this. I guess I too will soon be rejoining the sinking ship. If it does sink, let's just make sure the best captains stay on board :)

  14. This game looses a number of new players during the trial or soon after.

    CCP seems to have the idea that creating a game with mechanics and rules that encourage the rampant in game griefing of newbies before they even get a foot in the game is a good business model. It's unfortunately destined to fail as the "new blood" is filtered by the in game rules to a point where most who make it past that point are the type who will then turn around and repeat the process.

    It's a slow lingering death for an otherwise great game that unfortunately concentrates on a niche market. There is room for many types of players in eve, but only if they are accommodated for.

    Shame it only concentrates on and pampers to the negative influences.


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