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Friday, July 29, 2011

Sampler platter

Thanks to recent articles on Massively and mmorpg.com pointing to my blog, there have been a ton of new visitors lately.  My average hits per day have pretty much doubled.  So I thought it'd be fun to write a little introductory piece.  If you're new here, welcome!

This blog was originally started as a platform for my run for EVE Online's CSM6.  Unfortunately, I lost that run, coming in 15th (out of 14 slots, boo).  Still, by the end of the election, I decided that I was enjoying the process of blogging.  I was enjoying it so much, in fact, that I was going to continue the blog about my search for a new MMO even when I had decided to unsubscribe from EVE Online.  However, I recently reversed that decision, resubbed, and will be continuing to play EVE.  So, while this is an "EVE blog", from time to time, I'll be delving into other MMOs.  Comparisons will probably ensue.  ;-)

I do things a little differently from most EVE blogs.  For one thing, I post much more frequently than most.  It won't be unusual to have two or three new posts per day here, except on weekends, where I might post once a day.  I have regular weekly features, like the Fit of the Week and the Quote of the Week.  And I have a wide range of play-styles in game.  I've tried just about every play style there is in-game, in fact, and I like to talk about all of them.

So, what do I write about here?

The Big Picture in EVE
A lot of my posts focus on CCP's business model, or internal factors in the game that affect CCP's business.  Examples of this:

EVE Economics
Yet more posts look closely at factors affecting EVE's in-game market.  Examples of this:

EVE Politics
I love to delve into various aspects of EVE's in-game politics.  Examples:

CSM Watcher
And in a similar fashion, I pretty frequently comment on what EVE's Council of Stellar Management is up to.  Examples of this:

Stuff I'm doing in game
I actually play EVE Online and weirdly, sometimes I write about it.  ;-)  Examples of this:

Philosophical musings
As I mentioned, I like to compare EVE to other MMOs and in the process, I usually get philosophical about game design.  Examples of this:

Various other stuff
There are categories of posts that don't really fit anywhere else.  Examples:

Enjoy your visit.  :-)

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