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Friday, July 15, 2011

Smart people

Global Agenda has a weekly promotion on their log-in screen designed to encourage players to take advantage of their various micro-transactions.  Sometimes, specific types of goods are "on sale", 20% off or even 50% off.  Other times, goods for a particular class (all Assault weapons, say) are on sale.

It's a damn smart move.

This week's promotion is particularly smart.  Boosted players are those that pay either a one-time or recurring fee to receive double experience points and double loot at the end of PvP and PvP missions.  This week, Global Agenda is giving all boosted players 5 Agenda Points free per day, plus 5 more for each toon they have at level 50.  Agenda points are the MT currency, usually available only to those players that pay cash.  100 or 150 AP (about what the average GA player will likely get this week) would cost you about $1.75 and is juuuuust enough to buy one of the low-end MT goods, or a custom hair style.

And the truly interesting MT stuff costs 405 AP.  If you buy AP, you have to buy 400 at a time, for $5.  As a result, normally if you wanted one of these items, you'd have to buy 800 AP for $10.  But with this week's promotion, even a tiny amount of bonus AP is enough that if the player spends $5, they can have one of those interesting items.

In short, not only does it encourage players to buy a booster if they don't have one already, it's just enough AP to whet the player's appetite for more.  As I said, very smart.

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