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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Spy for the Quote of the Week

You know, I would really really miss the politics of EVE:
lord 2evil > the offer was for us to have half of dek if we side with pl and nc.dot and evoke was the oferr
From a little conversation that Mittens posted on Twitter between Vile Rat and lord 2evil, one of Mostly Harmless' high command.  If true, this would be substantial evidence that MH is considering switching sides and joining the NCdot invasion of GoonSwarm space in Deklein which is apparently in the planning stages.

And if that offer for MH's help in such an invasion is genuine, that is a damn good offer for their help.  As I've said before, with the recent sov nerf and its natural tech, Deklein now ranks as some of the best space in New Eden.

EDIT (9/Jul/2011): Looks like one of MH's leadership went rogue.  MH has issued an official press release:

Mostly Harmless Press Release

JITA IV-4 – After a week of intense fighting, -Mostly Harmless- alliance has decided to issue a full evacuation order of all Fade and Pure Blind assets. As we face an overwhelming supercapital force, we see no way to maintain our dominant position in these regions. This is an opportunity to refresh our alliance’s goals, as being a sovereignty holding alliance is no longer a viable option.
Within days, Mostly Harmless will move into a new NPC nullsec home to regain strength. Our members will be offered a refreshing PVP experience, no more endless POS saves, no more node-crashing blobs. Instead of being forced into a defensive stance, we will host exiting fleets into hostile territory. Both our Fleet Commanders and pilots look forward to this new adventure, as a chance to reprove our prowess and to tighten the bonds amongst corps!
There will be corporations and individuals who will choose to travel a different path. We wish them and our dedicated allies all the best, and thank them for sticking with Mostly Harmless this far. We congratulate Pandemic Legion and Ev0ke for their dedication in fighting our alliance, which has gone through so much and has always persevered. We welcome those who stand by Mostly Harmless in this new adventure, and look forward to once again re-appear on a sov-map near you!
We will keep on oOking, we will keep on fighting, see you in local!!
oOk oOk!!
Mostly Harmless Public Affairs


  1. lol why would we make mostly useless such a nice offer? their not worth it.

  2. Welp, TEST and GSF, amongst others, just reset MH's standings, so there appears to be a chance that it's true.

  3. I did not think DRF would continue to push for more space because it would back the last 30% of nullsec into a corner. And if CCP and the general community hated NC for controlling 27% of nullsec, what a target they are making off themselves for controlling 70% of nullsec and grabbing for more.

    Maybe that mobility and supercap nerf will come sooner than we thought.

  4. lol I think they should go all out and conquer ALL of 0.0. The forum tears would be hilarious :D


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