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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Comment of the Wee: EVE in three sentences

From my most recent post regarding incursions, an anonymous comment:
They look like fun but as a player with limited play time I am a bit put off.

I can only play for 1-1.5h a given night and if most of my time is spent moving to an incurssion site....I am not any further ahead.

Other mmo's content is more accesable with out a time investment prior to participating.
Kind of says it all, really.


  1. That is a "wee" comment alright, as he only has a wee bit of time to play and all.

    Although it is true, for me, it's hard to come to eve and really feel I've have accomplished anything without sitting down for a couple of hours.

    Especially, as a newer player, there is just so much to do, that the possiblities tend to get overwhelming and more often then not lead me to running an anom or two if I have limited time to give.

  2. This is why, when it came down to deciding between the skill train that got me ready for (c2) wormholes vs. the skill train that got me ready for incursions, I decided to go with wormholes.

    1 hour to play = 2 sleeper sites = 40 Misk, and I'm back in the tower in time to watch a movie with my wife. Productive use of limited playtime by anyone's standards.

  3. If my current paucity of play time continues, I may have to start up an industry alt.

    Though my drones may idle and ships may lie at anchor, our foes know full well that assembly lines never tire.

  4. Sounds to me like there's a potential market for a corporation catering to casual incursion runners. Folks who have more time can shuttle the cruisers around for the other people who have limited game time.


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