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Monday, August 8, 2011

Disaster Area's spaceship

I spent a fair bit of time over the weekend playing EVE, some of it in incursions as a logi, and some of it scraping the rust off my PvP skills, solo hunting in low-sec with one of my alts.  It was the first time I'd fired guns at someone since the new turret models were released.

I didn't realize that the new turret models also display next to locked targets, so I had a few bad moments when I didn't think my guns were working.  I had hit F1 and F2 to get them cycling, just like always, overheated them just like always with the tiny tiny tiny button, then glanced up to see how they were doing.  I expected to see the representation of the gun turret next to the target and didn't see them.  My eyes flicked back and forth from the mods to the target a few times as I tried to figure out what was going on when I realized that the graphic for the new turret models was there, but was disappearing against the background nebula.  So, thanks to me paying attention to that instead of getting my transversal up, my target got a few free hard shots at me early in the fight.

It didn't make any difference for him in the end.  ;-)  But still.

It reminded me of an amusing bit from one of the late Hitchhiker's Guide books.  Arthur Dent and Company are trapped in a stolen all-black spaceship owned by the rock band Disaster Area.  They try to get the spaceship under control, but the ship appears to take "all-black" to an extreme, and even the control panel is black indicator lights on a black background, surrounded by a black touch pad that lights up black to let you know you've initiated an action.

They realize later that no, the control panel isn't all black.  It's just turned off.  ;-)  Fortunately, my guns weren't.

Hopefully, CCP is brightening up those icons for a future patch.  Anyway, just a quickie.  More to come today.

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