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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I don't like your corp's janitor

I'm thinking about putting up another high-sec POS, which has me staring into the face of the high-sec POS standings mechanic again.

For those not familiar with the mechanic, if you want to put a POS up in high-sec, you'll need a corp.  POSs are anchored on behalf of a corp.  In low-sec or null-sec, this is all you need and you're done.  In high-sec, though, you need charters from the Empire faction that owns the space that you want to put the POS up in.  It's basically an additional type of fuel, and is easy to procure with LP from any LP store in that faction.  It's the cheapest item for sale in any of them.  After that, though, you also need the right standing with the faction.

To anchor the POS, you need a faction standing equal to 10 times the true-sec of the system you're going to anchor the POS in: 6.0 standing if you're going to anchor the POS in a 0.6 system, for instance.  And not just you have to have this standing, but every single member of your corp has to have it, too.  It's corp standing that matters, not individual pilot standing.

And this is capital D-U-M-B, DUMB.

It's a bit like a Fortune 500 company telling Microsoft, "Well, we'd like to buy ten thousand Microsoft Office licenses, but we heard that a thousand of your employees don't like us, so we're not going to do it."  Why should the factions care who they like among the rank-and-file members of a corp?  It makes perfect sense for the game to check the faction standing of the directors of a corp, or maybe even the Starbase Managers, but every single corp member?  Dumb.

What happens in practice if your corp wants to put up a high-sec POS, then, is that you -- really! -- have to throw every single member out of your corp except for a few select individuals that have the right level of faction standing.  And everyone you throw out has to stay out of your corp for a full week, because that's how long it takes a change in corp standings to become effective.  Only after corp standings update can you anchor the POS, and once it's up, you can invite everyone back (and hope that they haven't found a better corp in the meantime).

This is just one of the many, many ways in which the current POS mechanics are flawed, and has me considering just forgetting about the whole thing.

But I've also had as many available blueprint copy and invention slots as I've wanted for a long time now, and it feels strange and wrong not to have them right now.  Waiting weeks for station-based slots is just not worthy of consideration.  ;-)

If there's some new way of avoiding this mechanic these days (other than buying a corp from someone, which doesn't appeal to me for various reasons), I'd be happy to hear about it.

Or maybe I'll just anchor the POS in low-sec this time and avoid the hassle.


  1. What actually happens is that you fork off a POS-running corp. This corp contains the people trusted to (a) know where the POS is located, (b) feed the POS, (c) use the manufacturing/research slots without cancelling other people's jobs or stealing blueprints, (d) defend the POS when it comes under attack.

    All the members of this corp for the first week of its existence will have high standings. Then the POS is anchored, then everyone else is inducted into the corp.

    The standings requirement is not dumb. It's a barrier to entry. So please, less whine, you're spoiling my cheese :P

  2. Barrier to entry, huh?

    What makes more sense for the Caldari to give a POS location to:
    a) a one-person corp in which there is one person that has run 50 Storyline missions for them; or,
    b) a 500 person corp in which there are 100 people that have run 5000 Storyline missions for them?

    Of those two corps, which do you think will actually be able to anchor the POS?

    It's a barrier to entry, all right.

    I understand how to game the system, but don't kid yourself that that's not what we're doing. ;-)

  3. If you set up the corporation correctly to handle the broken roles system, the natural byproduct is "gaming the standings system".

    Note that if none of the other 400 people in your contrived example have ever run a storyline mission, the corporation's standings will be based on only the 100 people who have non-zero standings towards the Caldari State.

    On the other hand, if 100 of those people have been faithfully running missions for the Gallente (to get lower brokerage fees in Dodixie, for example), there is an obvious reason why the Caldari wouldn't want that corporation making use of their space.

    Start with the separate corporation simply as a way of mitigating risk and you'll find the standings fall into line as a natural byproduct of the process.

    Sure, I'm being all "Obi-Wan" on you and suggesting you should look at the issue from a "certain point of view" - but I'm not the one wasting time being bitter about it :P

  4. Hee. Peace. I'm not sure what I'm doing qualifies as being "bitter about it." It just strikes me as an obvious hole in the mechanics that EVE players are collectively working around.

    I'd just rather have something that makes a certain amount of sense, that's all... ;-)

    That there's a whole career around buying and selling corps with the right standings, but only for a week, like some kind of "POS coupon," just underlines how weird this mechanic is.

  5. You actually only need to wait the full week if you have to bring in an outsider to boost your corp standings. The seven day period of gradually affecting corp standing only applies to members joining, not members leaving.

    So, provided you have at least one toon in corp that already has the required standings (and been in corp for at least 7 days), you can remove everybody else's roles on day 1 before DT, kick them on day 2 before DT, anchor the tower right after DT and invite everyone back in. That way, you members are out of corp for just a little over a day, and without roles for two.

    Still, I agree, the mechanics are inconvenient to say the least.


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