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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Interesting factoid: population

I was saving this interesting little factoid for a future blog post where it might be useful, but it's aging, so I'll go ahead and burn it.

CCP was good enough, on 26 July, to tell us exactly how many active accounts there were (as long as you don't mind doing a bit of math):

108,000 PLEX * 3500 AUR / 1000 AUR per account = 378,000 active accounts.


  1. All characters on an account received 1000AUR, so you'd have to first be able to determine the average number of characters a player has per active account.

  2. On my account all 3 characters received the AUR though. So you have to divide that number by the average number of characters per account.

  3. ::blinks:: I have seven active characters on four accounts, and received only 1000 AUR per account. Four other characters are active in the sense that they are not empty slots. Why didn't I receive 7000 AUR, or 11000?

  4. I have 2 accounts and only the original character on each got AUR. The alts on the accounts got nothing. I wish it had been a gift to redeem per account, then you could ignore it or give it to the character you want (not that I plan on ever using it).

  5. I think what happened was each account received 1k AUR, but until it was spent it showed on each characters wallet on that account.

    At first I thought the same as Poetic Stanziel, but once I had purchased an item on one toon, my other toons no longer displayed AUR.


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