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Friday, August 12, 2011

Kill of the Week: Bait Drake

Finding a good KOTW this week was kind of hard.

I was going to go with this Wyvern kill at first.  A super-carrier dying is always to be wished for, but this particular kill charmed me with the number of dreads involved in it.  As Aloe put it on FHC,
It's a rare sight to see Dreads actually being used for something other than being helpless and exploding. Good stuff.
Indeed.  But then, I heard about this:

If there's anything better than a super-carrier dying, it's a Titan dying.  And this one died under particularly amusing circumstances.  You see, it was baited by a Drake.  I've talked about the use of bait ships to catch supercaps before, but these circumstances are special, to say the least.  The Titan here had about a 500 to one ISK advantage over his "prey."  At least he didn't immediately break out his doomsday to kill the Drake, but that turned out not to matter.  The Rag aggressed, the Drake lit its cyno, and a truly ridiculous number of dictors and hictors came through.  I count five Sabres, four Devoters, two Phoboses, and a Broadsword.

Apparently, they didn't want him to get away.  ;-)

Once he was caught, I doubt he lasted very long.  Rags aren't the most tanky beasts on their best day, but thanks to the refit to tracking computers that this pilot did so that he could hit the Drake, he left about half his tank in his cargo bay.  Also missing in cargo were any sort of viable boosters; I guess they'll allow just anyone to pilot a Titan these days.

So, quite a worthwhile kill.  Well done to Stain Empire and friends for putting this guy out of his misery.  In my view, the only bad thing about this kill is that not enough of the good mods dropped.  ;-)


  1. Had you waited 24 more hours to make your post, I believe this ( http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=10368244 ) would have been a contender.

  2. This http://horn.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=10353637 is the Wyvern kill actually :)

  3. @Kat: two typos in one day! Embarrassing. And fixed. Thanks!

    @Anon2221: LOL Man, that's impressive.

  4. How about fleet kill of the week


  5. ...aheh. Is that really Morsus Mihi and Ev0ke on he same side? That's rather ironic, considering.


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