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Friday, August 26, 2011

Kill of the Week: Plan B

Ouch.  Ouch ouch ouch.  I even kind of feel sorry for this guy:

This time, all the nano in the world wasn't enough.

Sometimes, you have to move something expensive.  And when it's blueprints, a nano-fit stealth bomber is the ideal choice.  99.8% of the time, you'll be perfectly fine, even in null-sec.  Nano-bombers are almost impossible to catch if they don't want to be caught.  I prefer Hounds for this work myself (given that they're already the quickest of the bombers, and can be nano'ed even further).  I had to move some of my own blueprints recently and a nano-fit Hound was what I used to do it.  Still, there's nothing wrong with the Manti for this job.

Other than the nano lows and rigs, though, this Manti fit is... eh.  If you're serious about moving blueprints, fit ECM.  I know I sure did, when I moved my blueprints.  Dropping the torpedo and bomb launchers for something smaller is also a prudent move.  Bombers make surprisingly decent frigate attack platforms.  Fit a few small guns or rocket launchers so you can give the other guy some second thoughts.  While he's having them, pray for an ECM cycle to jam him so you can warp off.  ;-)

Still, that is and should remain Plan B.  Plan A is sneaking through gates with a cloak, the fastest align time and the quickest warp-off possible, which this fit should have been able to provide.

Except if you make one little mistake... and there happens to be a good decloaker nearby... you can suddenly need that Plan B in a hurry.  I've already made my feelings about the Taranis in the decloaking role plain.  ;-)

This kill-mail is proof that it can do the job.  Had the bomber fit an ECM or two, though, the crappy sensors of the Ranis would have been quickly overwhelmed and this pilot would probably still have his blueprints right now.

So, learn from this guy's mistake, and always have a Plan B.


  1. I'm also pretty sure that those Inertia Stabs that he had fitted increase your sig. radius, making it easier to 'lock' him, once you've got the decloak.

  2. Yep, true, though once the Ranis had him decloaked, lock time was the least of the Manti's concerns. ;-)

  3. I have and prefer using a 7km/s dramiel over any stealth bomber to move expensive bpc/bpo.

    I've been caught in a SB. I've never been caught in a Dramiel.

    Gate camp + Bubbles? No problem, I'm 12km + another 30km off the gate in 3 seconds, faster than anything dangerous can lock me. one quick turn and I'm burning at high transversal. Go ahead Arazu, long point me... I'll be out of your range too in another 4 seconds.

    No bubbles? I go from decloak to warp in .6 seconds.

    That being said, now that my main can fly a t3. I fly a Loki that aligns in 1.4 seconds w/ Covert/Nulli fit.

    Stealth bombers would be my 4th choice for this role, behind The stealth/scout Cheetah, the Dramiel, and T3s. The ability to ignore interdiction bubbles is too crucial.

  4. Dram and Loki are both valid comments, and both another perfectly serviceable Plan B. ;-)

    I hesitate about using Covops scouts because of how thin they are. If the gatecamp is backed up by an AHAC, a Cheetah will fold in one volley.

  5. I'll believe it when I see API Verified on the killboard page.

  6. If you have a Carrier that's also a good alternative, unless you expect a supercap hotdrop.

  7. In addition. The loss isn't nearly as bad as it looks. All of the blueprints are copies, not originals. Probably 150M at the most.

    How do I know this? Because I'm in the same alliance.

    Sad to see David get caught though... He's a terrific Manticore Pilot.


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