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Thursday, August 4, 2011

No, you keep it. We insist.

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, every active EVE account was gifted with 1000 Aurum over the weekend, a giveaway tagged with EVE "achieving an objective" on the eveisreal.net website.  There has been annoyance about this giveaway from some quarters.  A lot of EVE players want to have nothing to do with the NeX, and the 1000 Aurum visible every single time they enter their wallet is a passive-aggressive reminder of the NeX's existence (almost certainly what CCP had in mind there...).

As a result, some players have been submitting petitions to GMs, asking that this Aurum be removed from their accounts so that they don't have to see it.  One of the readers of this blog was such a player, and received a response to his petition that he was kind enough to share with me.  I won't quote the response, because quoting private communications from CCP employees to EVE players is not allowed, but I will tell you the following:
  1. The response was clearly a form letter.  As a result, CCP is apparently getting so many of this type of request that they need a form letter.  ;-)
  2. The form letter made reference to a tool that CCP is developing to allow players to transfer Aurum to one another.  If true, that's going to open up a second form of tradeable currency in the game... and won't that be interesting?  However, the tool is not yet available and there's no planned release date for it as yet.
  3. But in the meantime, the answer to this player's request to remove the Aurum was "no."
The GM refused to remove the Aurum, but did say that if the Aurum transfer tool isn't available by the time the eveisreal giveaways are over, then the GMs would entertain requests to remove Aurum from accounts after that.  Of course, the eveisreal giveaway is itself a set of moving goal-posts, since that giveaway is in four phases and is highly dependent on player actions.

Amusingly, the form letter also seems to imply that if the GMs get such a request after the tool is implemented, their response will be: "create a temporary character, transfer the Aurum to that chracter, and then bio-mass the character."  Saves the GMs some work, I guess...

So, in the meantime, if you have 1000 Aurum that you don't want, your only choices are either to stare at it, try to ignore it, or use it to buy a set of Men's 'Precision' Boots for 1000 Aurum with it... and in so doing, give CCP a +1 sale in the NeX.


  1. Actually, you *are* allowed to quote petition text from CCP. Can't remember the thread this was shown in, on SHC of old.

  2. I made two petitions, one for each account. First petition was made July 30th and 4 hours later the AUR was removed, no questions asked.

    By the time I got round to making the second petition July 30th late at night it seems the handling of petitions to remove AUR were frozen until some management decision was made. Only on August 3rd did a GM answer by saying removing AUR was pointless as there was more coming. I asked him at which date it could be guaranteed the last AUR was to be received and he of course said he could not guarantee that. But he made it clear that AUR could be removed and the best moment for that was when the fourth AUR gift was given.


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