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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Paladins always had the lowest INT

I hate to keep repeating myself, but dammmnnn...

Completely officer fit?  Check.

Cap-stable for no reason?  Check.

Not using cheap faction crystals to increase DPS?  Check.

Pointless officer afterburner?  Check.

Carrying Radio and Standard crystals despite being afterburner-fit?  Check.

Tractor beam to pull in wrecks with tags worth a couple thousand ISK?  Check.

Using two T1 rigs where one T2 rig will do the same job?  Check.

Idiot at the wheel?  Check check.

I would believe this KM was a troll if it were not API verified.


  1. Using standard crystals means more time AFK. That's why you fly laser boats against republic fleet missions (note the RF tags in the hold).

    Even with an afterburner, this marauder isn't going to be running after some of the tougher battleships which like to orbit at 200km, travelling at a few hundred metres per second.

    I won't dispute the "idiot at the wheel" assessment though. Why set up a ship that will run missions while you're AFK, when you could get missions done much faster by actually flying the ship?

  2. Any bot smart enough to run L4s should be smart enough to reload crystals if one burns out, I should think...

  3. Damn that DC II looks out of place.


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