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Monday, August 8, 2011

Quote of the Week: Browsing

Seen on Twitter.  It tickles me, for a couple of reasons:
got an email about free Aurum on one of my EVE accounts, browsing the NeX thinking about what it spend it on #eveisreal
Who posted it?  Oh, some guy named Hilmar.  ;-)  That's the first thing that tickles me.

The second thing?  I assume Hilmar got the same 1000 AUR that the rest of us got.  And there's only one item you can spend 1000 AUR on.  No need to browse, Hilmar.  ;-)


  1. Them magic boots are selling for less than 12M ISK now on the market, so that means 1 AUR = 12000 ISK. How's that for deflation? lol

  2. CCP's CEO should fire that Hilmar guy!

    Seriously though - he tries being cool and awesome, but it's obvious that he's disconnected from the reality that we all live in.
    And it happens every time he opens his mouth - it happened at the Fanfest right after the presentation of Future Vision trailer, it happened during the launch of Dust 514, and several times on Twatter.
    It looks something like this:
    Hilmar: "It's awesome! right guys! AWESOME!!!"
    Real People: "No!!!"
    Hilmar: "Yeah! I knew you'll love it!"

    This reminds me of Emperor's New Clothes short story by Hans Christian Andersen - the difference is that the Emperor seems to be deaf.


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