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Monday, August 15, 2011

Quote of the Week: Seen in Amarr

A little bit of fluff from Amarr local over the weekend that I found amusing (names redacted to protect the guilty):
[00:27:43] * > i thought he would do it straight up, no cheating
[00:28:15] * > The only straight-up, no-cheating 1v1 fight happens 150 kilometers down a frigate-only L1 mission acceleration gate.
[00:28:21] * > Any other 1v1, you should just assume the other guy's gonna cheat.
[00:29:00] * > *while fleeted
[00:28:29] * > ^ so true
One pilot was bitching that he hadn't gotten the "straight up, no cheating" 1v1 that a can dropped outside of the main Amarr trade station seemed to promise him.  He quickly received an education in Local to follow the education he apparently had received during the fight itself.

In any kind of high-sec 1v1 fight, you should pretty much assume that the other guy will:
  • get his buddies to undock and rep him;
  • get his buddies to log in and rep him;
  • get you to take from one of his corp's cans so that his whole corp can attack you;
  • get you to take from a buddy's can so that the buddy (in something sniper-fit and/or nasty) can attack you;
  • have officer mods fitted;
  • use boosters, particularly illegal boosters;
  • have Snakes or Slaves or Halos or Crystals fitted; and,
  • have an off-grid booster that he is fleeted up with.
And if you agree to have the fight in low-sec, you can also assume that his off-grid booster will be a Titan.  ;-)  That's why the second to the last person points out that you'd better be fleeted up with the person that you're going to have a 1v1 with, by the way... so the other guy can't use his off-grid booster.  In short, a 1v1 fight... won't be.

EVE 1v1 fights are exactly like gladiatorial games in the Roman Colosseum... except the spectators are all given crossbows and slingshots and are told they can help the gladiator they like more.  ;-)

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  1. Not a comment but a FYI
    Would love to hear your take on this.

    Hed-gp has fallen and GE-8jv is under siege. This is huge
    How can people fight that many supers.

    It is bad when you kill a titan
    then not even a month later he is back laying DD's on logi ships.
    I like the nyx tackle..

    Way way to many super caps and titans....Intel states that they can replace every single super they have 2x over just based on reserves. How can you match that?


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