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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sokath, his eyes uncovered

There's a terrific new EVE devblog out this morning focusing on CCP's plan for null-sec development over the next few years.  It's very much worth your time and you should give it a read.

There aren't a lot of specifics in it.  It's mostly a set of general principles and lessons learned.  But anyone with an interest in null-sec should be very pleased at the various statements.  The lessons learned section, in particular, is quite good.  CCP is finally doing the pre-production on this important area of the game that they should have done years ago, instead of just firing arrows at a target randomly and hoping they hit something (or if you prefer, throwing things at the wall and seeing if they stick).

Anyone who doubts the importance of a long pre-production cycle on any long project should watch Extra Credits's take on the issue.

Probably the single best line in this devblog?
Doing something just "because it would be cool/neat/awesome" is always a bad idea and will come back to bite you later.
Yup.  There's a list of examples, and nearly all of them had me nodding.  The one (to my mind) exception that is listed as an example is cyno jammers, which is a little bit troubling to me.  These days, cyno jammers have a definite, specific use.  They are the moat around the castle forcing the enemy attacking to concentrate their offensive strength to a single point: the draw-bridge.  In that way, they're the only thing keeping smaller alliances able to defend themselves from much bigger, stronger alliances.  Yeah, yeah, there you go again, Jester, taking the small alliance's side.  I know, I know.  Shut up.  ;-)

The funniest line in the devblog?
Players will always be richer than you think.
I've made my opinions on this topic clear enough already, but this statement sure goes a long way toward explaining those NeX prices, doesn't it?

Anyway, go read the devblog.  Greyscale is promising more specifics "in the near future", but he's asked for comments on this one in the meantime.


  1. "Doing something just "because it would be cool/neat/awesome" is always a bad idea and will come back to bite you later."

    Totally with you on this one Jester. CCP should enshrine that statement on every flat surface in the building. I think many of their mistakes (and much of their inability to iterate on previous expansions) is because of the "wouldn't it be awesome=let's do it" mentality.

    Awesome Dev blog though and I hope they continue with the disclaimers at the top. Doing that simple thing could help prevent a lot of forum rage.

  2. I can't help but wonder how Incarna might have turned out if this same approach had been taken with it five years ago. Or even three. The standout comment for me was "This project meshed nicely with an internal drive we've been having recently in EVE Development to create and refine more robust roadmaps for where we want to be five years from now and how we'd like to get there..."

    It's about time. Throwing shit against the wall to see if it sticks hasn't really worked out very well.

  3. I'll be singing the praises to CCP when they can stick with the long view and at least sketch out a five-year plan, and have CSM buy-in on that plan, before they start implementing it.

    What I fear will happen is that the planning will take too long (i.e.: more than a couple of months) and be canned, while they introduce some stop-gap "wouldn't it be awesome" measures to keep the bread & circuses going.

    This devblog is anathema to CCP Soundwave's "Balance is boring" blog. Especially considering his Tweet about Diablo 3 real-money auction house yesterday.


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