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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Week in the Life: Boots

I don't intend to do these that often, but this one jumped up and screamed at me.  I present, a week in the life of the price of Men's "Precision" Boots in Jita (click to embiggen):

The week starts at around July 28 and ends on August 3.  The price seems to have come down about 80% or so (the red line) in that week.  Volume, after spiking around 200 units per day, is now down to about 100.  The fact that these are the only items to date that you can get with the "free" AUR has nothing to do with this.

Dunno.  11 million for a pair of boots still strikes me as excessive, though.  ;-)

(Yeah, that's a door in the background.)


  1. You know EVE blows chunks when a pair of f@#$ing boots costs more than a fully fit cruiser.

    Come on Eyjafyallajokull, do your stuff !!!

  2. Damn, sold my 2 pair for 9 mil each, for fear that they would be worthless once everyone had a free pair.


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