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Thursday, September 8, 2011

All of this has happened before

...and all of it is apparently happening again.  In an irony that's completely not lost on me, it's likely that I'll be replaced on my New York trip next week with someone closer/cheaper.  A hotel room in NYC next week will run you $400 U.S. or so, plus tax...

Let's hope that this replacement has more luck than my previous replacement did, shall we?

In the meantime, I recommend this interview with Mittens in EN24.  For the first time (in public), he's really revealing the true frustrations of being on the CSM.

Refer to this blog post's title again, because CSM watchers like myself are finding an amused irony in reading and listening to the CSM-member-on-the-street's posts and interviews during the last couple of weeks.  Remember that many in CSM6 -- right up to Comrade Chairman himself -- were rather condescending about CSM5's lack of success in getting CCP's inertia moving when they wanted to on an important issue.

As recently as a few months ago, Mittens was bragging about his ability to control the narrative in the press if things didn't go their way.  Right around this time last year, CSM5 had the Summer of Rage helping them push the stone uphill.  Instead of that -- the Jita riots notwithstanding -- CSM6 just has a lot of apathetic players that are ignoring the issues... if they're not unsubscribing entirely.

And the Jita riots were about the stuff that CCP wanted to put into the game (micro-transactions), not the stuff that they're not putting in the game (new flying in space content and/or major fixes to same).

Long-time CSM member Meissa confirmed in an unguarded moment this week that the very same CSM6 members that were dismissive of CSM5's troubles are now a lot more sympathetic.  As he put it...
On a side note, it's very funny watching the new members of the CSM who were very critical of CSM 5 (and previous ones) coming to an understanding of why we did the things we did.
He's also written his second-longest post that I can ever remember seeing him write about the issues facing CSM6.  It's definitely worth your time.  Go give it a read.

At the moment, unless something really interesting comes out of CCP in the next month or two, it looks like the winter expansion is going to be near-100% Incarna-focused, with only some relatively minor tweaks to 0.0 to look forward to.  Ship balancing seems to have been pushed back to next summer at the earliest (other than stuff like increasing Logistics ship speed), unless you count the super-cap nerf coming in October, which I regard as a nice start, but too little too late to be a real game-changer.  I've got some thoughts on this matter that are still percolating.  I'll get those opinions written down eventually.  ;-)

This EVE player apathy is still striking around the issue of the CSM emergency summit minutes, too.  When asked if I actually care about the release of those minutes, I responded:
Hell yes I care! And so should you. The much-vaunted statement didn't SAY anything.

I want to know specifically what was agreed to, and I want to see it in writing, published on a CCP website.

The Jita riots, you'll recall, weren't about super-caps. I think it's great that they're being addressed, but it's a side issue: smoke and mirrors tossed around so that CCP can claim victory while hiding the real issue that caused thousands of EVE players to unsub and/or freak out.

If you're interested in CSM-watching at all, the whole thread is probably worth your time, really.  You can pick it up from my post.  There's a lot of great posts from assorted characters, including Mittens, Mynxee, two step, Meissa, Trebor, and others.


  1. Its strange how CCP really cannot see how the same issues keep cropping up and when all the player feedback, CCP and now even numerical evidence are saying the same thing CCP still think that they should "give them what they need and not what they want".

    Maybe CSM6, Mittens, Seleene & co are 'strong' enough to start and possibly win this 'war' with CCP to make them wake up and actually listen for once; but I think some of the problem is that once CSM get into the flow and start moving forward their term ends and another CSM start from scratch.

    Personally Jester I think the CSM and the EVE community see your advice and experiance as essential and you're seen as the unofficial '6th man' of the CSM.

    Keep up the good work! :D

  2. I wonder if the latest dealings with CCP will be enough to get Mittens to pick up that document that CSM5 left behind for CSM6. Remember he made statements along the lines of, "I know what I'm doing, I don't need those CSM5 losers to tell me how to manage CCP" or some such nonsense?

  3. Now if only FHC would come back online… I have reading to do dammit!


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