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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Attack of the clones

Per my discussion of the latest CSM Minutes and the comment in there about CCP's lack of official support for multi-boxing, here's a bit more information about CCP's support (or lack thereof) of multi-boxing, courtesy of Senior GM Lelouch:

Quoted here in full (see the last paragraph):
Posted - 2010.04.23 15:51:00 - [274]

Edited by: GM Lelouch on 23/04/2010 15:52:45
Hello there,

To make a long story short, automation of gameplay is not permitted; players must be manually issuing the commands to control their character(s) at all times.

Our stance on programs such as Synergy and hardware/software combination such as the G15 keyboard is that they can be legitimately used as long as gameplay isn't automated. Synergy allows you to move your mouse cursor to multiple different monitors which are hooked up to different computers and we do not have any qualms with players using the program for this purpose. If Synergy was used in some way to control your accounts for you without a need for you to be at your keyboard, then that would not be allowed, but I am not aware of such a functionality with this program. If Synergy is used in conjunction with some other program to automate gameplay, it would not be permitted. G15 "macros" which allow you to group different commands into one keypress are allowed. For example, setting your G1 key to press F1, F2, F3 and so on for you with one key press is allowed (although this specific command is not as useful as it was before now that we have weapon grouping).

An exceedingly complex G15 macro which would effectively automate gameplay, such as mining, without a need for the player to be present at his keyboard would be against the EULA, regardless of whether the player utilizing said macro is sitting at his keyboard at the time!

Lastly, multiboxing is allowed, and programs designed for multiboxing in mind which allow a player to manually issue the same command to multiple game clients at the same time are allowed. In the same vein as what has been stated above, the player must be manually sending the commands; if a program is automating those commands for you, then it would be considered a breach of our EULA.

I hope this clears up this matter.

Best regards,
Senior GM Lelouch
EVE Online Customer Support

Context was an informational post from someone detailing how to multi-box 14 EVE clients at once...


  1. In your Cross Purposes post, you called the statement that CCP doesn't support dual boxing technically a lie. Well, splitting hairs here as I'm sure CCP would do, technically it's not a lie. They certainly encourage two or more accounts, but I don't see their promotions saying explicitly that you should run both from the same computer at the same time. It is certainly implied, but not stated outright (unless I missed it somewhere). So CCP can technically claim running 2 instances of the client on the same computer at the same time is not officially supported.

    Now my opinion is in line with yours - to use the "not supported" excuse while promoting the practice through marketing programs is lame. Very lame.

  2. They're promoting multiboxing, which means running multiple copies of EVE on multiple boxes. They are, after all, serving their masters at nVidia :)

  3. People are misunderstanding that portion of the minutes. All that was said was that the minspec was for running a single client, and that if you wanted to run more than one client, you would need a better machine. We asked CCP to create a minspec for running 2 clients, and they agreed. They clearly know lots of people are multiboxing.

  4. ? How does one misinterpret "CCP noted that... there has not been any official multi-client support for EVE thus far..."? Seems a pretty clear statement to me.


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