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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Comment of the Week: Rage quit

I'm taking a lot of heat for my follow up to the "Curves" numbers yesterday.  I'm going to invoke Unwritten Rule #3 here and say "bring it on."  I play EVE, I'm a professional negotiator, I'm genetically predisposed toward not getting angry (it's almost impossible to make me mad), and I work in a very tough industry where having a ton of people screaming at me is all in a day's work.  They haven't yet invented the :words: that can get under my skin.

Still, this was a particularly fun comment (edited a bit for flow and clarity):
All I'm seeing here is a man who created a blog to run for a spot on an elected council for a video game.

Lost.  Rage quit.  Couldn't stay away and now bad-mouths the game at every turn.

That about sum it up?
I approve of snark.  I myself pressed the "snark" button to respond.  I answered the question with one word -- "nope" -- and went on with my life.

Still, despite almost certainly being a troll, this accusation deserves a slightly more thoughtful answer.  Particularly since I've got a post going up in the next day or two that's going to play "consipracy theory" that's probably gonna get me yelled at even more.  So, I should make myself clear.

When movie reviewers review movies, you get three kinds of reviews: good reviews, bad reviews, and missing reviews.  The first two types are obvious.  The third type, if you know the code, is equally obvious.  "This movie is so bad that I didn't even bother showing up to review it" is how you interpret that third type.

I'm showing up.  But if you think that everything I say about CCP or EVE are bad things, then you haven't been paying attention.  When I think CCP does something smart or good, I talk about it.  As I did here.  And here.  And here.  And here.  And here.  And here.  And here.  As of today, I've written 77 posts on this blog that I've tagged with "CCP" and granted, a lot of them are pretty direct pieces saying, "CCP, get off your ass and do X!"  I make no apologies for that.  But when CCP does something I agree with, I praise them to the skies.

I'm not Mittens here, adding "the terrible game" as a suffix every time I type the word "EVE".  I believe EVE is a very good game... with lots of highly solvable issues making it worse than it could be, usually caused by a too-insular developer community not in close enough touch with the game's players.  When I see one of those issues, I'm going to point it out.  Doesn't mean I hate EVE.  If you read my particular reasons for unsubbing when I did, you'd learn very few of them had anything to do with CCP or EVE in and of itself.

If I didn't like the game, I wouldn't play it.  If I didn't like the company that makes the game, I wouldn't support them with my money.  Simple as that.

And I don't think my tone in those posts toward CCP has changed in the eight months I've been writing this blog.  I know for a fact that a number of CCP employees read this blog, and follow me on Twitter.  They might not always like what I say about them, but I think they take me seriously.  I'm not a nut-job "bad-mouthing the game at every turn" because I'm butt-hurt about a space-election.  That's just silly.

Finally, if you do really think this is all I'm about, there are lots of other EVE blogs out there.  Go read them instead.  But if you're still reading me despite believing this, then I'm going to have to go with the "Darian O'Toole" response.  Darian was one of my favorite disc jockeys ever, but she also had lots of critics.  One critic called into her show and started bitching about all the stuff she did that he didn't like.  Darian listened patiently for a while, then responded "OK, I get that.  You hate me.  How often do you listen to my show?"

"Every day, but--"

"I win!" Darian yelled into the mic, then hung up on him.


  1. I don't really need a comment for this. Just a Like button. I'm starting a podcast with a friend and he's worried about negative reactions. I told him "Who cares if they don't like it, as long as they listen to it next week!"

  2. You go Guy ...got my vote for the next CCP CEO elections ... oops ..CSM election!

  3. You've had my vote for each year you've been in CSM, Jester. Your posts are balanced, fair, articulate, substantiated, constructive, helpful, tolerant of intolerance, and sage.

    I was extremely disappointed to find out that you were no longer part of the CSM, and had quit EVE.

    I was delighted to discover you had returned to EVE, and this blog. Thrilled when I saw that you'd come to an arrangement with Riverini at EN24.

    You offer much of value, thank you.

  4. Thanks for your kind words, but I haven't been on the CSM. ;-) My run for CSM6 was the first time I tried.

    Thanks for everything else, though!

  5. Hey Jester...

    Quick supposition here based on people from my Alliance:

    We experienced about a 1-3% drop in member base in our alliance, every single one of them couldn't log in because their computer was too slow for CQ. I don't know if this was an Eve wide problem, but probably contributed at least partially to the subscription drop

  6. Yo Jester,

    Add another to the list of those who enjoy your blog.
    I especially like your Player Guides which I've learned quite a bit from.
    Many thanks for your efforts, sir.

  7. If you run for for CSM7, I will activate my account to vote for you.

  8. Keep up the good work Jester, and to hell with the naysayers. This blog is the single most interesting writing about Eve on the whole of the intertubes. It's good to hear CCP Dev's regularly read this blog. They should pay close attention, because it's chock full of Eve brilliance.


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