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Friday, September 2, 2011

The conscience of the King

Mittens has written a new update to his troops.  Go read it.  Admire the chart that's included in it.  ;-)  Then go read the EN24 article it references, which is apparently completely confirmed.

I'll likely have quite a bit to say about this topic over the weekend sometime (hint: it was the post I promised that was "probably going to turn into a rant about null-sec and the winter expansion").  Hopefully, this is only Mittens's first volley in what's likely to turn into a major media push on CCP in the next month or so.

Out of the nine major posts I wanted to get done this week, five are done.  Sigh.  Ah well, more content for the weekend and for next week, and I haven't exactly been slack in my posting so far this week.  ;-)


  1. In the comments I saw an interesting suggestion for SCs: "The only thing they have to add is a "triage" mod for supers. When active it then get's bonus to drone Bandwidth so it can deploy fighterbombers. Then it's just like all the other capitals. It can't move/jump out."

  2. So it's taken Mittens what, 9 months, to start getting an incling that in spite of aiming for T20 2.0 he's not going to get anywhere. Worse, that the previous CSM chair was right on the money with CCP.

    I don't doubt Mittens will hurf blurf a lot. But there will be no media push. Sure, a blog here, a column there, from someone who has no credibility. Unless he actually targets useful media, but that is not going to happen. It is still Mittens, he craves the altar, and will shout from it but never burn it.

  3. From the second sentence of the message:
    "As is now public from the comments Stoffer made at PAX, Supercaps are going to have the living shit nerfed out of them."

    Though I haven't seen a link to these comments yet...

  4. Personally I think a buff to bombs and how they work against super capital sized signatures would help some too. If the Sisi "glitch" that allows four launchers was combined with more damage in a supercap sized explosion size... we could see kamikaze or dive bomber tactics akin to ww2 naval engagements. Kamikaze in lag, dive bombing in no lag. Done correctly it shouldn't affect sub caps or regular caps much.

  5. If only bombs worked correctly in large engagements...


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