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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fit of the Week: Six Link Tengu

[Tengu, Six Link]
Co-Processor II
Co-Processor II
Co-Processor II
Co-Processor II
Co-Processor II

Command Processor I
Command Processor I
Command Processor I
Command Processor I
Command Processor I

Siege Warfare Link - Active Shielding
Siege Warfare Link - Shield Efficiency
Siege Warfare Link - Shield Harmonizing
Skirmish Warfare Link - Evasive Maneuvers
Skirmish Warfare Link - Interdiction Maneuvers
Skirmish Warfare Link - Rapid Deployment

Tengu Defensive - Warfare Processor
Tengu Electronics - CPU Efficiency Gate
Tengu Engineering - Capacitor Regeneration Matrix
Tengu Offensive - Magnetic Infusion Basin
Tengu Propulsion - Gravitational Capacitor

Over the weekend, I posted a little challenge for the EFT warriors out there: come up with a Tengu fitting that could simultaneously run six gang-links yet would not require specialized rigs to do so.

David Tressor was the first to post the correct answer, which is this week's Fit of the Week.

A lot of corps and EVE players overlook the advantages that can be picked up from having ganglinks active in your fleet, which is a shame, because the advantages are huge.  The most common, and simplest, form of boost from a ganglink comes from either the Passive Defense Armored Warfare Link or the Shield Harmonizing Shield Warfare Link.  Either boost the resistances of all the affected ships in the fleet by 15% even in an unbonused ganglink ship.

This might not sound like much until you have to attack a fleet receiving even this simple bonus.  ;-)  For instance, a battleship receiving an unbonused resistance link will pick up an average 10,000 EHP (measured in EFT).

Put that ganglink on a bonused ship like a Vulture and it rises to 25%.  Each race receives that bonus to their racial ganglinks.  The Claymore receives bonuses to Skirmish Warfare links, including the link that increases the range of points, scrams, and webs, the Interdiction Maneuvers ganglink.  For each race, their Fleet Command Ships carry this bonus.

However, that bonus is tied to Command Ships skill.  To train Command Ships V obviously takes quite a lot of time.  As an alternative, each racial Strategic Cruiser has a Defensive subsystem that also includes this bonus, the Warfare Processor.  And training a racial subsystem skill to level V takes only a few days (though of course, the training then only applies to a single race's strat cruisers).

At level V, this bonus rises to more than 28%, nearly double that of an unbonused ship.  So, you see a lot of bonused Command Ships and Strategic Cruisers in the midst of their fleets applying their bonuses for this reason.

However, there's another popular way to use ganglink ships, and that is as "off-grid boosters."  Ships carrying ganglinks spread those bonuses throughout the system that they are in.  As a result, it's a popular option to place an AFK alt into a ganglink ship to provide bonuses for a fleet in the same system.  This off-grid booster would often be stashed at a friendly POS in the system, or at a safespot.  Off-grid boosters are useful both in PvP scenarios, and in PvE, particularly wormhole and incursion ops.

Once you decide to build such a ship, then it usually comes down to how many ganglinks you can wedge onto the off-grid booster: the more, the better.  Command Processors allow the affected ship to run one additional ganglink for each mid-slot on the ship.  In PvP scenarios, inexpensive battle-cruisers are popular and most can easily fit five ganglinks.  Some Fleet Command ships such as the Vulture can be fit with seven ganglinks.  However, battle-cruiser-size ships are more unwieldly than strat cruisers, which can quickly get from system to system or take very little space in an Orca or carrier.  So off-grid Tengus and Legions are also becoming popular.

This particular Tengu fit can simultaneously run all six of its ganglinks, and the three Siege Warfare links will be bonused, each providing more than a 28% bonus at Caldari Defensive Subsystem V with maximum related Leadership skills.  Even better, since it doesn't require rigs to make this happen, the entire fitting can be carried along with the ship, and traded out for a more traditional PvP or PvE fit on the same hull.  This allows the ship to be more versatile once it reaches its intended destination system, a big advantage for the strat cruiser hull.

This ship has a couple of disadvantages, though: it's obviously a lot more expensive than a Drake or even a Vulture.  It also requires near-maximum fitting skills and near-maximum Caldari subsystem skills as well.  The Magnetic Infusion Basin Offensive subsystem is required for the powergrid bonuses it provides (Command Processors and ganglinks are notoriously grid-hungry).  But since it is far and away the least popular Offensive subsystem for the Tengu, it is rarely manufactured and therefore rather expensive -- more than 50m ISK at the time of this writing.

Pilots that don't quite have the fitting skills that this ship requires can usually supplement by using a Co-Processor that has a greater bonus than the Co-Processor II.  The Dread Guristas Co-Processor is a good alternative, but surprisingly, the much-overlooked COSMOS Co-Processors are also quite good.  The 'Deuce' or 'Dyad' Co-Processors both provide better bonuses than their Tech2 counter-parts and are fairly inexpensive.  The 'Deuce' version, for instance, rarely costs more than 15m ISK or so.

One more minor detail: as long as you don't choose the Interdiction Nullifier for the Propulsion subsystem, it doesn't really matter which Propulsion subsystem you choose.  My six link Tengu has the Gravitational Capacitor subsystem fitted, partially because I had a spare one, partially because the bonus that it provides -- quicker warps to its destination -- is handy for a Tengu that has to get around quickly.

Happy boosting!

EDIT (16/Sep/2011): It's the Claymore that receives bonused Skirmish links, not the Sleipnir.


  1. Minor corrections: the Sleipnir doesn't actually increase ganglink bonuses because it's a field command ship - you're thinking of the Claymore. Also, while it's true that a T3 with the warfare processor subsystem increases the effectiveness of its racial links by 25%, fleet commands have a lesser bonus (3%/level)and so only increase link effectiveness by 15% with max skills.

    Also, you should probably mention the importance of using the corresponding mindlink - in the case of a max-skilled character, the shield harmonizing link gives a 15% bonus to resists by itself, which rises to 22.5% if you plug the mindlink in. The mindlink bonus to link effectiveness (50%) greatly outweighs the bonuses from the Command Ships or racial Defensive Subsystems skills.

  2. Command ships would be a lot more worth it if off-grid gang boosting got halved/removed.

  3. Is that fitting dependent on any implants? You mention the lack of rigs (so the hull and subsystems can be carried in corp hangars instead of ship maintenance bay, just wondering if the PG problem can be remedied by using an implant such as the Squire PG series which will be in this alt's head all the time anyway, due to the range of ships she flies.

  4. No, this fit should not require any implants if you have max skills. If you don't, you'll probably need either better Co-Processors, the CPU implant, or both.

    As long as you have good fitting skills, you won't have a grid problem at all.

  5. @Tsubutai: yep, all good points.

  6. With t2 links and a seige warfare middling implant (about 100 mill) the bonuses get insane something like a 45 percent boost with all associated skills to 5


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