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Monday, September 26, 2011

GM assistance for the quote of the week

I love this:

[ 2011.09.22 14:59:03 ] GM Tegrino > Greetings! I am GM Tegrino here to assist you and ask you how you are enjoying the game. Do you have any questions about EVE Online I might answer?
[ 2011.09.22 14:59:16 ] HT Kills U > how can i open this door?
[ 2011.09.22 14:59:33 ] HT Kills U > i clicked on it like 50 times and hit the spacebar
[ 2011.09.22 15:06:33 ] HT Kills U > whats the nicest trousers for under $5 in your opinion?
[ 2011.09.22 15:06:49 ] GM Tegrino > i haven't really checked them out yet, to be [honest]

The full piece, titled "EVE Online Fashion - Trolling a GM" is definitely worth your time and good for a few laughs.  Go give it a read.

The piece also links to a video that features a "catwalk and a skull tat" as the piece puts it.  That video caused a bit of misplaced player rage when it came out a couple of weeks ago, but it's a piece of nothing-fluff associated with New York Fashion Week, an annual event in NYC.  In short, it's just a bit of marketing, and not an effort to bring catwalks to EVE Online, heh.

The good news here is that the GM team apparently wasn't given any explicit direction about the NeX.  Not only does the GM not try to make a sale, he subtly discourages the troller from the store by pointing out that the NeX is "for veteran players with lots of money to spend" and "not really intended for new players".  That's definitely the right message to be sending.  The GM also tries as best he can to help the troller with his actual questions, dropping into his new player script only twice (when asking the troller if he's looked at the new player Career Agents, and asking the troller if he's familiar with space security status).  That's also good news.  So bravo to the GM involved, and to the GM training in general.

It would be interesting to see if this sort of dialogue changes in a year or so.

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  1. If the NeX is mainly to be considered for veterans then in no way can Incarna (and associated dress up) be considered designed to entice and be used by new players. Wasn't Incarna supposed to bring new players to eve who can't empathise sufficiently with a mere spaceship?


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