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Monday, September 5, 2011

Heavy support for the kill of the week

What the hell is this, I don't even...

First, there was a rumor that PL had been hired to defend a "critical" POS in high-sec.  Then this.  Words fail me.


  1. Hey now, I was bored.

  2. Have you not seen the vexor? It has 7 titans on it :D

  3. Bored alliance is bored.

    So the supercap proliferation is spreading to low-sec now. Nice way to kill an already dying game!

  4. Yeah, PL have moved into our Amarr/Minmatar FW area as of the weekend. They've set up POSes and have been hot-dropping everything in sight with their supercaps. A couple of the FW bloggers have written about it here: http://www.gamerchick.net/2011/09/theres-always-bigger-fish-latest-in.html

    They haven't had things all their own way though - http://www.amarr-empire.net/killboard/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=237516

  5. Are you at a loss for words over using the titan to kill a drake or over the fitting of the drake?

    The drake fitting is pretty terrible. Whereas the titan pilot may just have been popping his titan cherry with an easy kill.

  6. There is another blog that mentions PL moving about... http://www.gamerchick.net/2011/09/theres-always-bigger-fish-latest-in.html

  7. This *is* Pandemic Legion you're talking about.

    They were famous for dropping titans on gate-camping cruisers when I was still learning to fly Rifters.

  8. Good day:

    For the labor day weekend to date, Pandemic Legion has been spending a lot of time in Amamake making a lot of friends as they camp the gates shooting anything not blue to them.

    Thank you.

  9. Lo, how the mighty have fallen...

    Thanks for the info, everyone. Hadn't been keeping up on events in low-sec like I should have.

  10. They also killed a vexor with 7 titans. Fairly ridiculous, it's their first kill in Minmatar lowsec if you want to look.


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