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Thursday, September 29, 2011

I want a quarter...

...for every time Mittens points some game journalist at the graphs I built for EVE player rolling averages.  This week, he pointed someone at Gamespy at them.

I can't decide if I should be annoyed by this or not, but I definitely want all those quarters...  ;-)

EDIT (30/Sep/2011): I asked Gamespy to remove their watermarks from my graphs and attribute them to the proper source.  Instead, Gamespy's editor-in-chief sent me a very nice apology, but pulled the graphs entirely.  He tells me this story was submitted by a Gamespy free-lancer, not a regular writer.


  1. To be fair, whenever I see Mittens quoted words referring to your plots, he does point out that they were made by someone other than himself, i.e. you. It's the gaming media who are lazy. Much like the RL mainstream media, they almost never check their facts. When this latest CSM drama began to unfold there were a few interviews with Mittens that I saw online. One referred to the blog post he made at Kugutsumen as "on his website". They pretty much suck. They make Mittens look like a genius by comparison, and that's saying something!

  2. Hrm… so the media blitz hasn't actually ended? Or was it never officially started? Perhaps Mittens might realise that giving interviews is continuing a media campaign?

  3. Sick the DMCA on them. Seriously, they took your work and put their logo on it. That's wrong.

  4. It's possible he's pointing them at already published stuff and they are grabbing it from there. For future reference, put your name somewhere on your work! Attribution problem solved.

    Also, that was a pretty harsh article. Yikes. Zulu better get that damn devblog out and it better be good.

  5. Yeah, Mittens is getting increasingly good at just not mentioning where he got those graphs and trusting people to be lazy enough not to ask.

    I went ahead and asked Gamespy to remove their watermark and attribute them correctly.

  6. Meanwhile, your graph is making the rounds: http://tobolds.blogspot.com/2011/09/intelligent-discussion-on-burnout.html

  7. For what it's worth, they've addressed Jester's concerns by snipping the graphs out of the article entirely.


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