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Friday, September 23, 2011

Kill of the Week: PvP... sorta

In a week that's been marked by a bit of Incursion drama, I think I'll go with something a little unusual for my KOTW this week:

Just glance at this kill and you'll see nothing particularly remarkable about it, except for the fact that it's unusual to see a Hel at all, and doubly unusual to see a T2 fitted super-carrier.  Then you might notice where the kill took place: Pator, a starting school system only a couple of jumps from Rens, which is a major market hub.  What's a super-carrier doing in high-sec?

The answer is partially filled in by this ISD story listed on the main EVE website earlier this week.  But the ISD story does not fill in all of the pieces of the picture... not even close.

Look up Drake Arson on EVE-Kill and you'll find a decent but unremarkable PvP pilot who almost entirely sticks to the low-sec Teshkat system and the surrounding area.  I would dearly love to know the background that caused CCP to pluck this pilot out of the ranks of the "Sansha sympathizer" role-players and give him a super-carrier with which to attack other EVE players in high-sec!

A close look at the fit will show that he was prevented from doing too much damage.  There were no drones on board, and as far as I've been able to tell, there were no fighters or fighter-bombers allowed, either.  Arson's only direct attack capability was via the three neuts he had fitted, a long-range point... and the Sansha rats that were included as part of this Live Event.  Close observation of the APIs over the course of the event confirmed there were very few PvP kills in Pator while it was happening, so apparently, the database was fooled into thinking that Arson was just "a big rat" for the purposes of the event.

Almost certainly, there was a GM monitoring the event, and almost certainly, Arson had major restrictions given him by the GM regarding what he could and could not do.  Still, the net result was clear enough: an EVE player was given CCP sanction and reason to attack other EVE players in high-sec with no personal consequences to himself...

...outside of the role-playing arena.

This is "beautiful", another Sansha sympathizer role-player said, and I agree: it is a tremendous bone thrown from CCP to EVE's role-playing community.  I believe it's the first time anything even approaching this has happened.  Usually, CCP is content to sit back and let players create much of EVE's content.  But this time, CCP directly injected themselves into the process.

And getting normally skittish high-sec bears into the habit of shooting other EVE players can only be a good thing for the long-term health of the game.  ;-)

We've had GM-run Live Events from time to time.  But getting EVE players involved in the process might go a long way toward increasing the frequency of these events.  I love the out-of-the-box thinking on this and I hope it continues!


  1. "I would dearly love to know the background that caused CCP to pluck this pilot out of the ranks of the "Sansha sympathizer" role-players and give him a super-carrier with which to attack other EVE players in high-sec!"

    Being a roleplayer myself ( :) ) I may be able to shed some light on this. Drake has very recently left eve for a year, to join the military. This is a sort of 'Going away' present to him from CCP. Drake is one of the old sansha rp'ers who were doing it before it was cool, so it's also a bit of a loyal service reward.

    I missed the event myself (:sadface:), but am absolutely delighted ccp have done this. I hope they continue taking a direct role in RP Events because they are amazing fun and the rp community has recently had very little to go on. Fac war has been ignored, Incursions very quickly became sansha v everyone else, which doesn't really lead to interesting stories, and the in-game news has been noticeably lacking any events for us to work with.

    If CCP keep doing this sort of thing, it may even get more people interested in trying rp (which is always a good thing, as long as they are serious about it), and will keep the game's storyline moving forwards.

    Sorry again for another huuge comment :p

  2. Thank you so much for your comment, and for the additional details!

  3. Events like this are why I loved Tabula Rasa (RIP) so much. Say what you will about the game (and the glacier pace of development post release), but the interaction between the Devs/GMs and the players was phenomenal. Devs and GMs were constantly running live events and helping players to set up and run their own. It was an unprecedented level of interaction that has not been matched since.

  4. Terrific stuff, well done CCP Live Events team!

  5. (Main/Alt)

    Very nice write up Jester. As you can see from my name and note at top of this post I was quite involved in this Live Event (Many Sansha Tyrants also died to my Mach and NH lol, kiting FTW). Personally I have a very extreme hate of Incursions (I believe they are too easy of an ISK maker for highsec and early toons), but I absolutely love these "Live Events". NOTE: There is a channel actually named that just for these and the GMs actually will talk in there to let people know about events when they happen (a CONCORD GM iirc made the announcement in the Live Events channel for this one and was running a Basi at the site).

    Anyway, I hope they keep these up as they have had a very large number the last couple of months (the MOTD on the LE channel lists a few of them). I want more "Supercap" kills lol.

    After all we did kill two Hel(s)? ROFL:

  6. (Main/Alt)

    Very nice writeup Jester. As you can see from my name and note at the top of this post I was one of the people that had a great deal of entertainment at that LE (many Tyrants died to my Mach and NH too, Kiting FTW lol).

    To inform you even more (heh, Kalaratiri did a good job and also enlightened me more to why Drake got to become a Citizen). I would like to let people know there is a "Live Events" channel where GMs can and usually do let people know about LEs. Or by others word of mouth. During this event we had a CONCORD character, which it usually is, who make an announcement there and was also at in Pator with a Basi (I've seen CONCORD in a Nyx at another one). The MOTD in the channel also lists some of the current string of LEs that have been going on the last two months, after a very long hiatus from the the pre-Incursion ones. Personally this is the third one (in the current string) I have been at.

    To be frank I actually hate the normal Incursions and their gameplay system, I feel it is too easy a way for highsec and young toons to make huge ISK (bitter I guess cause I crawled my way through normal style missions). The Live Events are much more entertaining and fun due to the unknown and random nature of them. Plus I want more "Supercap" kills (lol) and capsuleers don't always win these things. :O

    Short version of what happened; Sansha BS spawns came out of the wormholes by Astur (and some early on frigs too but they didn't last long :P) and during that time Drake got whisked away into one of the wormholes to become Citizen Arson, there were three WH and why I have no idea why. He came back in his Hel and it was ended by the combined fleets we had assembled >:3. Citizen Astur also showed up in a Revenant but that ran away after a while (boo), and then Arson came back again in another Hel, which we also ended again and that finally brought the LE to a close.

    Some linky:
    First Hel: (the one you have) http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/killmail.php?id=14212132
    Second Hel: (Note- No CCCs, it went down faster :P) http://newv.griefwatch.net/index.php?p=details&kill=203
    Video of Event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMMfx5n2W1w


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